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2015-01-08 5:02 AM


Subject: IMAZ 2015 spots
If you have a desire to do Ironman Arizona this year but got shut out, consider racing for a charity. I did it last year with Smile Train which is an organization that helps kids with cleft lip and palate obtain the necessary surgery at no cost. The organization provides guidance for how to generate the necessary donations and also rolls out the red carpet in terms of providing coaching and VIP services before and during the race. If you have an interest or want additional information email Sarah Coulam at Smile Train: and let her know you saw Noah's post on the BT forum

2015-02-09 12:43 AM
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Alturas, California
Subject: RE: IMAZ 2015 spots
Downside is that if you do not raise the $5k you tend to pay out of pocket for these kind of things. That could make it a pricey race. Buying a charity slot would probably be cheaper. Just sayin.
2015-02-10 10:19 AM
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Subject: RE: IMAZ 2015 spots
Did it last year-- not so hard to get people to contribute. The charity helps with support plus anything you do contribute is tax deductible. I wound up contributing some and it was my main charitable deduction for this year's taxes.
2015-03-07 1:53 PM
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Subject: RE: IMAZ 2015 spots
There's spots for #IMAZ? Website says it's sold out? Heard the swim is brutal...
2015-03-07 1:58 PM
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Subject: RE: IMAZ 2015 spots
This was amazing last year! Smile Train Team Empower provided the most support I have ever had for any race as well as for my family. 95% of my fundraising was through Facebook no problem. Plus they have a group who personally help you fundraise. I highly recommend signing up through Smile Train.
2015-03-07 2:00 PM
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Subject: RE: IMAZ 2015 spots
General entry is sold out but look for the charity slot button on the main page and you can sign up.

2015-03-07 10:59 PM
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Queen Creek, Arizona
Subject: RE: IMAZ 2015 spots
I'm signed up for smile train when i signed up i was working. And covering the difference would not be so painful. But now i have been laid offfor a while. And now it scary. If i dont raise most of the money by june cotoff. I will have to pull out. Donations have almost stoped.
2015-03-17 10:09 AM
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Subject: RE: IMAZ 2015 spots
Lots of folks at Smile train help with fundraising... just signed up again for this year and in one day I am close to $500... people want to support you and this charity...
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