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2015-01-30 3:08 PM

Tempe, AZ
Subject: Kids Aero Road / Tri Bikes (24x1" wheels)
NEW for 2015! In stock now -
Valdora Sprint kids aero road / triathlon bikes and framesets.

The age range is roughly 7 - 12 years or up to 5'0".
Stand over is 55.5 cm and the effective top tube length is 44.7 cm.

Made from T6 multi-butted 6061 alloy, the Sprint has a deep aero down tube, stylized top tube and a fork with deep aero blades and is alloy as well. With a seat tube angle of 76 degrees, it is true Valdora geometry. These are very cool little aero road / tri bikes!

A complete aero road bike starts at $749. The kids bike package utilizes 7 speed paddle style shifters mounted on top of a drop bar on each side of the stem. This type of shift lever is great for small hands. The placement of the shifters is conducive in preparing for bar end shifting some day. The brake levers are also 'small hand' specific.

What makes the Sprint different than some other kids road bikes?
Here are a few -
Triathlon specific geometry (great for road though)
Adult level frame material and aero tubes (just super small)
Adult level fork (not steel! deep aero blades on a kids bike)
Adult level paint finish (not solid color with stickers)
Standard builds available or customize as much as you see fit.

The Sprint is available in Black with--- Red, Blue, or Pink.

For full specs and pictures see

If there is not a stocking Valdora dealer near you, feel free to order through the exclusive online Valdora's dealer or ask your LBS to become a Valdora dealer.






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2015-01-30 7:37 PM
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Great White North
Subject: RE: Kids Aero Road / Tri Bikes (24x1" wheels)
can I get the 25mm deep 24" rims??
2015-02-17 3:01 PM
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Tempe, AZ
Subject: RE: Kids Aero Road / Tri Bikes (24x1" wheels)
You can contact [email protected] to find out about the wheels and availability.

2015-02-17 7:42 PM
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Great White North
Subject: RE: Kids Aero Road / Tri Bikes (24x1" wheels)
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