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Subject: Road ID bands
If you are new to the world of Triathlon, I would love to introduce you to the Road ID bands. I have one myself that I love and wear anytime I am indoors or outdoors training. I have an article about Road ID and am currently hosting a giveaway for a $35 e-coupon to Road on my blog. Would love to give a triathlete or outdoor enthusiast a chance to win. Check out the giveaway at

Train hard and Tri hard!!

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I have this very annoying IT band pain in my left knee only. It comes and goes out of nowhere. Last year I had it and took three months off and now slowly started back up.
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I have a tight IT band on my left leg, but my right knee's pain is in a slightly different area, more in the joint, on the outside of the knee. Is this still an IT band issue?
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So lately when I run after about 3 miles I get a nasty pain on the outside of my knee area. I have been assuming it is IT band syndrome? What can I do to help this?
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The symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and prevention of iliotibial band syndrome caused by excessive friction of the distal portion of the iliotibial band during activities like running.
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When athletes have an imbalance, either due to core weakness or in this case uneven terrain, this can produce strain anywhere along the IT band, but most commonly along the outside of the knee.