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2015-07-07 9:29 AM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon Watch OTHER than Garmin?
Thanks to those who gave us a shout out. I will be spending a bit more time on this forum for technical Q&A support for our products

2015-07-07 2:47 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon Watch OTHER than Garmin?
Here my .02. I have a Suunto Ambit 2s. You can change the recording/ping frequency to extend the battery life (I don't know what the technical name for it is). I don't remember the exact times but it's something like 1s, 3s, 5s, 10s. I love my watch. It does everything you want it to, SBR, and more. Pool swimming, open water, power, and you can create your own workout modes. It also does navigation. I've used it to plan bike rides in new areas. I've also used it to find my way home from runs when I've taken wrong turns (usually running while traveling). I can say I go out in confidence without having to worry about getting lost (and I hate carrying a phone). For the versatility in the watch, it can't be beat. I have recorded 351 workouts on my watch and have only had 1 run where it was giving funny feedback (it said I was running 4 min mile.. I wish!). Stopped it, reconnected and it fixed it. The only downside is it is a little hard to learn to use. If you have questions let me know.

My wife has the Tom Tom multisport. What I like about it is that it takes heart rate from the wrist, and you can program intervals directly on the watch (my Suunto has to be done online then plugged in to upload, although the Ambit 3 may be different). The Tom Tom is advertised as acquiring "more" satellites and therefor more accurate (5 vs Garmin's 3 I think, but I could be wrong) but I can't say if it makes much difference. That's about all the props I can give the Tom Tom. It's simple. It doesn't have any of the fancy features. It doesn't do open water swimming (yet), and it measures lap swims in miles.. who measures lap swims in miles?? It is more of a running watch that has some extra features in my opinion.

Cliff notes.. get the Ambit, but I'm partial.
2015-07-07 4:51 PM
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2015-07-08 3:24 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon Watch OTHER than Garmin?
Originally posted by blueyedbikergirl
The problem I'm finding is that his reviews are way TOO in-depth for me,

I'm the same way, I must be one of the minority that doesn't really care how a gadget is boxed, or unboxed.

You're going to (and are) getting a lot of opinions, most of which will conflict. I could send you some V800 reviews that are easier to read, because I think it's a great watch depending on your eco-system, but to be honest your issue with garmin is pretty specific and not normal. Go find a store (like REI) and ask them to let you try it on, sync and even run around the store a few times.

Your specific issue isn't going to be addressed reading a review online.
2015-07-13 9:26 AM
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Stamford, Connecticut
Subject: RE: Triathlon Watch OTHER than Garmin?
I'm much the same boat. At present, the only thing that keeps the Garmin Fenix 3 under consideration for me is its vibration alerts; but it's inability to do HR monitoring is a major issue to me.

My current short list are the Polar V800 and the Suunto Ambit 3. I am also considering holding out for this Autumn's release of new versions.

Android compatibility is a nonissue for me; but it might be an issue for you.

Both the Suunto Ambit 3 and the Polar V800 seem to have solid GPS performance, with an edge to the Suunto because of GPS pre-caching, which the Polar apparently doesn't do. Like I mentioned as a detraction against the Garmin, HR monitoring while swimming is a major issue for me. If I am going to shell out that kind of money, then I want to be gathering metrics across all three disciplines. The Ambit 3's advantage over the Polar V800 is in free form navigation (hiking, adventuring, etc.) according to the in depth reviews on DCRainmaker (love his reviews for their thoroughness; but have to take it in chunks to digest all the information, so it can literally take me days to get through a single review).
2015-07-13 10:30 AM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon Watch OTHER than Garmin?
Yikes – I have a different experience then up thread with my Suunto Ambit 2. I find the website to be extremely annoying, especially having come from a Garmin 910 in the past. The swim data is stored in a proprietary format, and Suunto has been dragging their feet for years in making a compatible with anyone else's services. If you ever want to use Training Peaks or anything similar, your Suunto swim data is going to be useless. My wife and I each have them, and we each struggle with the watch crashing or losing work out data when the battery gets lower (below 30%-- not drained) or if it's not synced on a constant basis. Even skipping the drills in the pool and just timing my main set, I have not gotten out of the water and had to watch match my actual yardage in months. The navigation view is pretty weak, and relies on importing routes through that annoying website again. Garmin Connect's website is miles ahead of Suunto.

I started with the Garman 910, and lost it in a race – my wife works for a Suunto partner, so we each got the Ambit. She only runs, and tolerates it although wishes she could change. I actively loathe the thing, but will have to wait a while to go back to the Garmin.

Good luck, and your mileage may vary, but I would not recommend the Ambit. And if you really want one, feel free to make an offer on mine. ;-)

2015-07-14 1:34 AM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon Watch OTHER than Garmin?
I use a digital watch I bought from Target. It cost me $18 and tells time.
2015-07-14 7:15 AM
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Exton, PA
Subject: RE: Triathlon Watch OTHER than Garmin?
I have an Ambit 2 and the watch is great. The website could use some work but it gets the job done.

I had the watch set on 1s recording intervals(you can go to 10 s intervals to extend battery life) and with this it had 30% power left after I finished my Ironman last month.

There are a lot of apps for the watch as well, but I have not tried any. I just use the basic stuff for the most part.
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