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2015-04-05 2:29 AM


Subject: Triathlon Training Outfit
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to find some training shorts & top which I can wear whilst swimming. I am a size 22-24 in shorts and am finding it very difficult to find shorts over a size 16.

I am wanting to start swimming ASAP as I have not swum since I was a kid and am planning to do my first ever triathlon in October.

Does anyone know where I would be able to find plus sized shorts (the top I am a size 18-20 so I should be able to find something)

Thanks in advance

2015-04-12 12:54 AM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon Training Outfit
Where abouts do you live?

THere's a shop here in Melbourne called Aquashop, I think they are a part of a chain... I can't speak from personal experience regarding plus size shorts as I resemble a malnourished stick... But whenever I have been in there and they don't have something, they are always happy to order in and hold for you
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