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La Quinta, California
Subject: Athlete tracker
I am looking for recommendations for a way my family can track my progress through my Ironman race. I know that has, Ironman Live tracking, but it doesnt update very frequently. I am interested in something that will give real time, or at least close to real time tracking.
Thanks for the help.

2015-04-24 2:43 PM
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Alpharetta, Georgia
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Subject: RE: Athlete tracker

My Athlete Live is a great option. I've used it multiple times. You basically rent a personal GPS tracker and wear it on a race belt after you get out of the swim. Anyone can download the app for your phone or tablet, or log into a desktop computer and track you in real time. My family said it worked wonderfully and they were able to see me multiple times on the race course because they knew exactly where I was and how fast I was moving. 

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