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2015-05-18 11:35 AM

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Subject: Felt B16 - 58 CM - Full Carbon Tri Bike - $1100

Hi all,

So I haven't been on the forum for a long time, mainly because I made the move back in to endurance running rather than racing Tri's

Because of this, I have a great bike up for sale.  I used this B16 in the Syracuse half last year, and for 3 sprint races, most of the time it has been in use for training only, actually, most of the time she's been in storage as I have not had her out over this entire fall, winter or spring season so the decision to sell is easier, if not easy!

Bought new in 2013, this is the 2012 model.  58cm.

Here's the specs:

In addition to the main specs I have added and will leave with the bike:

> Adamo Road Saddle (original saddle also with the bike, completely unused)

> Speedplay Zero pedals

> Profile design, rear mounted twin bottle holder

> Garmin Speed Cadence Wireless sensor

The bike is in great condition, is a phenomenal piece of machinery for the price and will make the next owner very happy.  

One minor issue, has not affected me as I was responsible for it: the cable housing for the gear cables was rubbed through, you can see the metal outer, tried to capture it in the picture.  I caught the cable housing when mounting the bike on the car rack, did not damage the function or the cable, but scratched the outer housing, I wrapped the cable housing with white tape as I was racing the day after I did this, completely forgot about it and left it like that, including through the ironman so it's not an issue, but personally I'd probably replace the outer housing if I was buying it.

Here's a link to photo's taken a couple of weeks ago:

Now to the price......with everything included in the sale I'm only asking $1100

Have not shipped a bike in the US before, but I'd be happy to figure out packing and shipping if the cost is added to the sale price, I'd guess sub $100, but that's a guess.

Contact me if you have any questions!



ETA: I'm in North Virginia - Loudoun County, if anyone is thinking about a pick up option or wants to see the bike!

This is the bike, mine has the extra's noted above.  this bike rocks!

Stock 2012 B16

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Subject: RE: Felt B16 - 58 CM - Full Carbon Tri Bike - $1100

Just dropped price - looking around $1100 is a decent price for a buyer, (personally I think it's way low for this bike with the extras......but there you go!)

Shoot me an offer!

2015-05-25 8:55 PM
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Subject: RE: Felt B16 - 58 CM - Full Carbon Tri Bike - $1100
PM sent
2015-05-27 3:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Felt B16 - 58 CM - Full Carbon Tri Bike - $1100
I offer you $1150 including packing and shipped to Weston, Florida. If you say yes, your bike will eventually get to Ecuador and finally the Galapagos Islands.
2015-06-08 8:06 AM
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Subject: RE: Felt B16 - 58 CM - Full Carbon Tri Bike - $1100
Hi there;

Is the bike still for sale?

2016-09-24 8:14 AM
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Subject: RE: Felt B16 - 58 CM - Full Carbon Tri Bike - $1100
Any chance it is still available? I live in NOVA as well

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