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2015-06-29 5:58 PM


Subject: #TheTriathlonSquad Bike Workout Video
Hi Everyone,

Magali [Tisseyre] got a request from the Ottowa Triathlon Club a little while back, asking for a "favorite one hour workout". She and I decided to go above and beyond and make a video explaining and showing it!

Featured in the video: Triathlon Squad athletes Magali Tisseyre, Felipe Van De Wyngard (Chilean Olympian), Manny Huerta (US Olympian) and myself. Fitness provided by: Paulo Sousa

Ride file on Strava:

2015-06-29 6:45 PM
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2000500100100100100 home in The ATL
Subject: RE: #TheTriathlonSquad Bike Workout Video

Hi Eric - thanks for posting to the group. I look forward to checking the video out. Just wanted to make a little "bump" to this. Having signed up for AG draft legal in Clermont this year I absolutely LOVE your break-down videos from the bike leg of your ITU races - I just wish there were more! Thanks for sharing the inside scoop - you certainly know how to work it. It has made me a big fan!

2015-06-30 7:02 AM
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Northern IL
Subject: RE: #TheTriathlonSquad Bike Workout Video

Nice video Eric! Curious how hard these efforts are for you guys?

2015-06-30 10:10 AM
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Subject: RE: #TheTriathlonSquad Bike Workout Video
Hey Rusty!

Thanks for following along, I hope you end up liking the video when you get around to watching! I wish I had more in-race stuff as well, but between mixing in non-draft racing and occasional camera malfunctions, it's hard to build up a huge library.

I'm headed to the Pan American Games in a couple weeks, where I'm pretty sure they won't let me have a camera.. But one week later will by my WTS debut for the year in Germany, and I'll make sure I've got things rolling for that. There's a good chance I'll be in both the individual and team relay, so I'll have a week full of editing film after that

I'm also hoping to do some of that style video with workouts and this was basically the first step. I wanted to practice presenting a training session, so when the rest of the ITU crew gets back here to Poway, I can be ready to film a large group race simulation workout or something.

2015-06-30 10:14 AM
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Subject: RE: #TheTriathlonSquad Bike Workout Video

Paulo describes this session as "HARD!!" Which basically means "hit the highest watts you can without blowing up" or only blowing up a little haha

I usually try to build by 5-10 watts from rep 1-3, then hang on through 4-5.

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