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2015-07-12 9:24 AM

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Subject: My first DNF---can I finally call myself a triathlete?
After five years of racing to accepted my first DNF today four miles into the bike.

A week ago I hurt my left wrist that affected the tendons, nerves, and soft tissue. Yesterday I could barley type. Today on the swim I felt every time I put pressure ony hand. Then on my bike my wrist just had it with my stubbornness. I ride a Tri bike and soon I couldn't brake, couldn't holds self up on the bars to climb, then I couldn't gety fingers to function on the gears. I STILL refused to quit. Finally the Tri gods stepped in. I braked to make a tight corner and my rear brake seized up.

So I had to take the walk of shame. But I'm determined to come back from this!!

2015-07-12 9:55 AM
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, Minnesota
Subject: RE: My first DNF---can I finally call myself a triathlete?

Oh no!  I hope a little time off to heal will take care of everything, and you'll still have some good time left to train and race this summer.

2015-07-12 3:23 PM
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Subject: RE: My first DNF---can I finally call myself a triathlete?
If you have been racing for five years I am pretty sure you have been safe to call yourself a triathlete for quite a while now. As for the wrist, take some time and let it heal. Talk to your doctor about what exercise you can do.

I had a small fracture in my wrist a couple of years back. They put a removable cast on it and I could run with no issues and did a lot of stationary bike work. No need to brake or steer that way.

Let it heal up and get back on the horse. Good luck.

2015-07-16 5:41 PM
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San Jose
Subject: RE: My first DNF---can I finally call myself a triathlete?
You have had the right to call yourself a Triathlete for a few years now! Sorry to hear you had a problem with the wrist that brought this on.

I have been racing for about the same time and had my first DNF this year, result of a bee sting at mile12 of a long course race. After the sting I popped a Benadryl, then continued on until at mile 20 decided the really smart thing was to stop. It was very emotional to make the call, i felt like I was wimping out, and was all I could do to not start crying. Fortunately I had no other reaction from the sting (and I am allergic so had my epi-pen at the ready to!) afterwards, when the emotions subsided, I know I made the right choice, but it was still a hard pill to swallow. My family was very happy that I limited my stupidity by only going from mile 8 to mile 20, and not try to just tough it out for the rest of the 70.3 race. Turns out I was able to race the Olympic race the next day, and even though not a great race for me, did help soften the blow a bit.

Be confident in your choice(even if somewhat forced) to have stopped. Take the time to heal, and come back strong!
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