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Subject: Has your IM training come at the expense of healthy eating?
I just got the results from my annual physical and I was a bit surprised. Although I'm generally very healthy, my blood work showed that my cholesterol numbers worsened -- total cholesterol up to 211.

This surprised me because the past year involved training for (and completing) my first full IM. I trained like a madman and became thinner and fitter than ever before. So why the crappy numbers? It now occurs to me that the high-intensity training made me much more cavalier about my diet. I returned to eating sugary desserts and had plenty of cheeseburgers whenever I wanted. Why? Why not? I'd burn all of that off on my six-hour bike ride the next day or a two-hour run. At least that was my thinking at the time.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Seems like I wrongly believed that ridiculous levels of training and calorie-burning would make me immune from normal dietary rules. This year I'm going to turn things around.
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General Discussion Triathlon Talk » Has your IM training come at the expense of healthy eating? Rss Feed  

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