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Subject: Tarsal Tunnel and triathlon
So I have been diagnosed with tarsal tunnel and haven't run in 2 months. I've been treated with a couple of injections while still doing my exercises and PT. Doc said if the cortisone doesn't help out they may go in and do a release. It has seemed to have gotten better, but maybe it's the cortisone acting like the cover up. Has anyone got through this? Did biking agitate it? Did a change of shoes help? I'm a neutral foot striker and have normal arches. I don't pronate or supinate as I've had several people evaluate my gait. I personally think it was an overuse injury after some PF issues.

I also had a MRI, but nothing really showed. All my symptoms point to tarsal tunnel, including the tinnel sign. We talked about EMG, but I know it can priovide false negatives

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