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2016-06-06 2:05 PM


Subject: Disc Brakes this season?
Hi -- I know that officially Triathlon Ontario is not permitting the use of disc brakes this season. I'm not sure what the rule was last year,, but I used my bike with them last year (unknowingly) and no one said anything -- but I am a little more concerned about it this year since i have seen it in the race notes.

This seems strange as I still see a lot of folks on mountain bikes at the tri-a-trys and many of those are disc.

Has anyone spoken to the race organizations about this or noticed any at the MIlton event this past weekend.

2016-06-07 5:42 PM
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Subject: RE: Disc Brakes this season?
I'd recommend asking Tri Ontario directly via email or social media (they're pretty active on twitter).
2016-06-20 12:24 PM
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Southampton, Ontario
Subject: RE: Disc Brakes this season?
Should be interesting as the Xterra races in Ontario are all under Triathlon Ontario. I can assure you 90+% of the bikes will have disc brakes. My guess is that rule will be ignored by all - as it should be.

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