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Subject: Powermeter Newbie Questions.
Hello all,
Newbie here. I have been reading lots of old threads and soaking up all your combined wisdom. Avid swimmer since HS and ran cross country in Uni, but cycling is the weak link for me. I have been relying on my bike computer and post in the interest of getting your take on bringing down my time and improving power on the cycling leg of races (have done HIMs thus far and planning on IMs soon). Roadie friend of mine swears by his powermeter, but I wanted to get a second opinion from people actually doing triathlons. Do you guys use them? Best one to get? Best place to buy, etc.
If not, why not? Are there cons?
Any and all opinions greatly appreciated.
Again, I am a bit of a newbie in this arena, so thank you in advance for your time!!!


2016-06-10 6:23 PM
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Ottawa, Ontario
Subject: RE: Powermeter Newbie Questions.
I've been using a power meter about 8 months now. It's a great tool (if you're committed to using it). It depends on what your current bike training looks like. There's no right answer to what's best, it depends on what you need, for example do you want to be able to use it on different bikes, or will you be using different wheels for training vs. racing? DC Rainmaker has very thorough reviews of all of the options, so read up on those first. Power2Max, Quarq, and PowerTap are some typical choices. It depends on whether you want crank based, pedal based, or hub based. All have different pros/cons.

You can achieve great results training without a power meter - it's not a requirement in order to throw down a good bike split. But it certainly can help in terms of training and pacing during a race if you use it properly.
2016-06-24 8:44 AM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: Powermeter Newbie Questions.
A power meter is an amazing training tool if you change your training to power based. If you just go out and ride without any specific power training, then it's nothing more than an expensive toy (although a fun one). Get a copy of "Training with power" by Friel and read up on how to use the power meter effectively.

I swear by power meters to the point where I have a Quarq on both my road bikes and my tri bike. Same goes for my wife for her road bike and tri bike.

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Subject: RE: Powermeter Newbie Questions.
Do you do most of your bike training indoors or outdoors?
If indoors, I would suggest holding off on the power meter for your bike, and instead buy a power based trainer, such as a kickr or a computrainer. Use them with the online program trainer road. You will get better!!! Then when you can afford it, buy a PM for your bike, you'll be used to looking at power numbers from your trainer, and be able to pace your races on your bike PM.

2016-07-05 3:38 PM
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Subject: RE: Powermeter Newbie Questions.
Not to argue, but would it not be more useful to have a PM to train both inside and out, and to have for pacing during races? A PM. can be used on a non-smart trainer with a program like Trainer Road et all....

I would rank a PM as first purchase, smart trainer as 2nd .
If money is no problem , then go for both
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