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Subject: New triathlete looking for a bike.

I'm a new triathlete, looking for the best bike possible for under $600 I'll be running more Duathlon's then anything. But not sure the best bang for my buck?

Please help.


2016-10-07 11:22 AM
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Subject: RE: New triathlete looking for a bike.
I would recommend buying something used. You can get a good frame and good components, with a little wear on them, which is better than brand-new stuff that is cheap and shoddy.

Here is an a thread containing advice on buying a used bike. (

Here is a general article on what you need to get started with cycling, gear wise. If $600 is your overall budget, you might need to add a decent helmet, gloves, etc. in there before you figure out what you have left for the actual bike.
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