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Subject: GPS Tracker
Greetings to all my fellow members!

First, permission to post this info. Just delete it if you find it inappropriate. Thanks!

In our site, I once came across about using GPS tracker while doing training or participating in the event. I like to share this good news of trying a GPS tracker for free. Turtler is a location sharing gps app that everybody can try by simply using your own smartphones; no need to buy a unit, just use a smartphone that you already have and simply download the app.

For our members, if you are interested to try the app, I can request a free 3 months premium accounts for you. Its a good way to try GPS tracker you can share with family and friends.

To those interested, please leave a reply and I will answer as soon as I can.

2017-05-25 5:04 AM
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Subject: RE: GPS Tracker
I'm interested, please write down private messages

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Subject: RE: GPS Tracker
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