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2017-02-23 2:24 PM

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Subject: front-facing video camera recommendations

Last year after a scary biking incident, I purchased a rear-facing light/camera unit.  That seemed like a prudent idea for anything happening from the rear, which I thought would probably be a more common scenario, that was, until this past weekend when an oncoming driver chose to deliberately swerve into my lane, then repeat his actions a bit later when he went past my husband who was a few hundred feet behind me.

I'd rather not buy another light/camera combo for the front as I already have a very nice, bright light that I use on flash mode for safety.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

2017-02-24 1:25 PM
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Kailua, Hawaii
Subject: RE: front-facing video camera recommendations
I bought the Rideye cameras for front and rear.

They are decent and I've used them for quite awhile, they continue to work.

Generally are a good design, the only things I don't care for are the cumbersomeness of setting the timestamp, and the charging port is somewhat difficult to get to.

I like the Hero 5 Session as well, a bit more $ though
2017-02-28 8:40 PM
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Subject: RE: front-facing video camera recommendations
Personally I like my Garmin Virb camera. It is a decent design but the part I like the best is as soon as I hit start on my Garmin Edge (works with some forerunners and my fenix 3) the camera starts recording, once I hit stop on my garmin edge the camera stops recording. When I create videos the "G-Metrix" data can be pulled from its internal collection or you can tie it to your garmin edge/forerunner/fenix data.
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