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2017-07-24 4:46 PM

Tempe, AZ
Subject: Helmets with attached visor
Hey everyone...curious to see who currently uses or has used a helmet with an attached visor, such as the Giro air attack. I have been on the fence getting one since its time to replace my 8 yr old helmet. The most common review I have seen is that its not ventilated as well and can be hotter when its warm outside. Just wanted to get some additional feedback from those on here who have used them before.

2017-07-24 5:21 PM
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Subject: RE: Helmets with attached visor
I switched from a Rudy Project Wingspan to a Giro Air Attack w/ shield this season.

The ventilation, in my opinion is better than the RP. Plus, the tail on the RP was always annoying.

I bought my Air Attack used, and managed to drop the shield during my first race. Come to find out, scratching you nose with a magnetic-held shield on is not the best idea. I left the shield and bought a replacement one which holds much better.

Overall, the helmet is comfortable, breathes well, and is extremely bright (I have the neon yellow...can see me a mile away),

I have yet to crash with it, so I have no idea how it will protect my melon, but hopefully it will do the job.
2017-07-24 6:07 PM
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Katy, Texas
Subject: RE: Helmets with attached visor
I have a Giro Air Attack. I used to wear the visor, but from the data I keep, I was losing a very decent amount of aero from it during field testing vs the same helmet with glasses. A loss in the range of 0.25 to 0.5 mph at the same watts. Next to tires and tubes, it was the most significant difference I found from a single piece of equipment or clothing. YMMV.

Also, on hot days (which is like every day in Texas) sweat would accumulate on the inside of the visor and limit vision.

On the plus side; it does make pretending that you're in Star Wars and making "pew pew pew" noises with your aero bars a lot more realistic...I do miss that.
2017-07-24 7:29 PM
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South Windsor, CT
Subject: RE: Helmets with attached visor
I also have a Giro Air Attack with visor. Actually have two, since I bought a replacement one after one of my bike crashes and it DID spare my noggin. I was also glad the truck decided to roll over me not on me.

As 3Mar alluded to, it's not as fast with the shield, but I like to use it in training on cooler days since the cold air makes my eyes water a bit more than when I wear sunglasses. For me, I'm only slightly faster with the glasses on, and that's only when I am very precise about staying in aero. I did not have any heat issue when wearing that helmet for my last IM race and it was in the 80's at IMLP in 2016.

My road bike helmet is clearly cooler, but only really useful for hot days. It is less aero for racing, but I will wear my road helmet in group rides to not be 'that guy' as much as I usually am. (I'm still keeping on my race wheels-my PM is embedded in my rear 808, so I guess I'll always be 'that guy'...oh well).

The shield does come off very easily. Forgetting about it and trying to wipe your eyes/forehead and it will go plunk to the ground and get scratched--pretty easily. I dropped it once in a race and I wasn't going back for it, as I wasn't about to give up 30 seconds. They cost about $40 bucks on Amazon but you can get a knock off that's pretty good for much cheaper.

Good luck finding what you like!
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