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2017-08-20 9:53 PM

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Ventura, California
Subject: 8-20-17 Super Sunday Training Day

Whats happening BT! Got in some great training today. Been really getting serious with the training after some upsets and challenges recently. I have IM Super Frog 70.3 coming up in 1 month! 

Today was similair to last Sunday as this is the day when I can devote the entire day to training.

42 miles on the bike, 1.5 miles in the ocean, and 8 miles on the run.

Little sore but not bad. Really got to work on nutrition, I started to crap out on the run. Thankfully the local tri shop was still open and I was able to ravage down a couple cliff bars and water. If I had not had that the last mile home was going to get bad quickly as I was starting to feel dizzy and shaky. Trying to do these kind of workouts on bananas and coffee for breakfast and gels for the entire workout is going to get me in trouble and its also why I did poorly at St George. Being plant based vegan makes this alot more difficult as well.

Either way, got in some great work today. Tomorrow will be a rest day and then its back to work and squeezing in the pool swim workouts after work.

Cheers, hope everyone else had a awesome day too!


2017-08-20 11:50 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 8-20-17 Super Sunday Training Day
Everyone's body is different, but I find that working small amounts of protein and fat into pre-workout breakfasts and bike munchies helps keep my energy levels steadier than pure carbs. Maybe you could add some nuts or nut butter to breakfast, and try some nuts, energy balls with fruit and nuts or nut butter, and/or dark chocolate on the bike. For me this helps reduce the energy spikes/dips that the gels tend to give me. I save the gels for the run when it is harder to get down and digest solid foods, fats, or protein.

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2017-08-21 8:44 AM
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Subject: RE: 8-20-17 Super Sunday Training Day
12 mile bike ride late afternoon out to church before an ice cream party. Lots of good hills, mostly downhill though, according to my watch.
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