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2018-08-06 6:40 AM


Subject: Olympic plus to 70.3
Hi all,
I have just completed an Olympic plus triathlon in London and was pretty much done after the run. I have a 70.3 in 7 weeks and I'm panicing about the run.
Any advice on going from 10k to 21k? Should I just do longer brick sessions? Or just more running.
Yesterdays Tri was 1500m in 39mins, 80k bike in 2:30 and my 10k was 1hr 07. though the course was 11.5k.

2018-08-06 11:26 AM
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Subject: RE: Olympic plus to 70.3
I think you have to ask yourself what your goals are, just looking at those distances and times you should definitely be a 70.3 finisher. Are you trying to get faster or maintain the "olympic +" pace for the half marathon? What run work outs do you typically do in a week and how long is your weekly "long run"?
2018-08-06 4:30 PM
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Subject: RE: Olympic plus to 70.3
Hi, Thanks for the reply. My goal is to run the 21k without being totally ruined. I have never run that far as of yet. I usually run 2/3 times a week varying between 8 and 12 k.
I haven’t run further than that except for one 16k run which I found quite hard.
I’m concerned about the best approach to extending my run distance or would it be better to do longer brick sessions?
To run the whole 21k at a 6:30 or thereabouts would be awesome.
Is it just about racking up the mileage?

2018-08-06 4:52 PM
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Subject: RE: Olympic plus to 70.3
Originally posted by dzdan560

Is it just about racking up the mileage?

Pretty much, until you get to a level that it's not. When you get to that level, you'll know.
2018-08-06 5:28 PM
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Franklin, TN
Subject: RE: Olympic plus to 70.3

This will get you there.

Swim & bike fitness and pacing have a lot to do with how well your run goes.  Granted, you need the run fitness to comfortably run a half, but if you're wiped out from the swim/bike, run fitness won't save you.  How did you feel coming out of the swim at your race?  Your bike time looked fine but you probably over-biked if you suffered on the run.  You'll need to dial the bike back.  If you monitor your effort with a power meter or heart rate monitor, you need to have a ceiling level for your effort that will still allow you to execute your run.  Yes, some brick runs after a 100k training ride will help. 

2018-08-06 5:30 PM
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Columbia, South Carolina
Subject: RE: Olympic plus to 70.3

Two  things:

1.  Feeling spent after a race does not mean you cannot do a longer race.  I'm utterly spent after a 5K.  Also after an IM.


2.  It does sound like you run volume is quite low.  Try ramping up mileage sensibly and you will stand a better chance of getting through that run.  If not, there's no shame in run/walking.  It happens.

Bonus #3:  Bricks are not really going to help, here, in my opinion.

2018-08-06 6:53 PM
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Subject: RE: Olympic plus to 70.3
Yup, totally agree with above post. Just up your mileage, no need to really put any extra effort into bricks. Ramp up your long run closer to that 15-16km mark, maybe go up to 18km once or twice but listen to your body. Adding run mileage too quickly is a good way to get injured.

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2018-08-07 2:10 AM
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Subject: RE: Olympic plus to 70.3
Thanks very much for all the replies and advice.
I think I know where I need to be now.
Will let you all know how I get on ??
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