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2018-09-25 4:47 PM

Subject: wetsuit question
i bought a vortex sleeveless wetsuit last year new from xterra. when i put it on it tears all over the place. how do i stop from tearing it. i dont just grab and pull, i was trying to work it up a inch or so at a time but it was still tearing.

2018-09-25 6:19 PM
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Placitas, New Mexico
Subject: RE: wetsuit question

How often do you use it?  

Emilio DeSoto posted on here a while back about wetsuits.  They get brittle like a dry sponge does and he recommends soaking them prior to putting them on after prolonged disuse.  

2018-09-25 6:55 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit question
i hadnt used it, bought it last winter around christmas brand new from xterra, put it on to make sure it fit and not tears, put it up til bout 2 mos ago and tore it twice putting it on, thought i was just being to rough, but it got a bunch of tears sunday
2018-09-27 6:46 AM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit question

It has been my experience, from being around hundreds of kids putting on and taking off wetsuits that, WITHOUT QUESTION, Xterra suits tear much easier than any other suit I have been around. 

2018-09-27 4:36 PM
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PEI, Canada
Subject: RE: wetsuit question

I just stopped caring after about 10 tears. As long as it doesn't go all the way through it's just a cosmetic thing (which I get it important).

2018-09-27 6:17 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit question
I have a full and sleeveless Xterra and no issues for 14 years.

One key is to through it in the tub few days before you want to wear it if you are not using it for long periods of time.

The rubber will get brittle if not in water every so often.

2018-09-28 6:57 AM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit question
thanks guys, i will soak it next time.
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