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2019-04-14 7:15 AM


Subject: Swimming with a pool buoy
Can anyone recommend a decent 45 min swim set using a pool buoy?
I’ve sprained my ankle so can’t use my legs but would like to keep swim up swim training (doing 3rd triathlon this summer)
I also have hand paddles and a float

2019-04-14 5:24 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: Swimming with a pool buoy
Pretty much any swim workout can be adapted--just pull where it says to swim, and skip any kick sets. Maybe for the sets that specify "pull" you could pull with paddles, for variety and some added strength work. When I'm coaching myself, I often use archived workouts from this site:

They come in three levels, A, B, and C--it's the same basic workout but the difference is in total yards, speed, and number of strokes you're expected to know. C workouts would probably work for most triathletes who are average swimmers and training for sprints and Olys, B for stronger swimmers and/or iron distance training. A really seems meant for ex-collegiate fish types training for full IM. You may need to cut the distance a little on some of the C workouts to fit the 45 minute time frame, depending on your pace and whether you want to swim for 45 minutes, or only have 45 minutes of pool time, counting rest intervals.

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2019-04-15 3:51 PM
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Subject: RE: Swimming with a pool buoy
You can punt the drills that cause problems with the ankle.
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