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2019-09-28 1:08 PM

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Subject: wetsuit for pool water
I'm having trouble staying warm in pool water that's below 80 degrees, unfortunately.... Any suggestions on a "thin" wetsuit? Or other idea? Rash guards ride up while swimming.... Thank you!

2019-09-28 2:03 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit for pool water
I teach swim lessons in a wetsuit "jacket." It keeps me warm, however it would not be something you'd want to swim laps in. I tried a lap once and the sleeves kind of filled with water...felt like swimming in a baggy sweater. You could try a shortie wetsuit with short sleeves or even sleeveless. I've never tried swimming in one though.
Are you cold in the pool even after swimming a few laps? Our Y keeps the pool around 81. It's chilly for a lap or two, but then feels almost too warm after I've been going for a while.
2019-09-28 2:30 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit for pool water
Hannah, I do warm up after a couple laps, but as soon as I stop I get cold. Our masters swim is going into off season, which will include more technique and drill work....less time swimming laps. I've tried double capping and also wearing two suits, both of which help to a certain degree. I was considering more of a scuba wetsuit, but reading some reviews, apparently the material used isn't great for swimming, but maybe that's my tradeoff. Thanks for your response!
2019-09-28 4:57 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit for pool water
Desoto makes a two piece wetsuit. Might be a good middle ground. Be warned: very expensive!
2019-09-29 8:26 AM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit for pool water
Thank you, I'll take a look
2019-09-29 9:46 AM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: wetsuit for pool water
I have tried for ages to find a product for cold pools. At one point I had a workable thinner suit from a company that no longer delivers to the US (British, I think?) without ridiculous shipping fees that are almost as much as the suit. Then I had two identical sleeveless shortie models from an Oregon company called ProMotion that were perfect for colder pools and marginal open water swims, except that they weren't really designed for pool use and didn't stand up well to months of continuous pool use. Okay for occasional pool heater failures and the like. They no longer make the sleeveless shortie model. I believe they do have a kind of "Short John" model that goes to mid calf. You might check their website.

Failing that, you could look into some combo of a wetsuit top (some companies make them) and buoyancy shorts like Lava or Sim. Or just find a cheap sleeveless wetsuit, designate it for pool use (as opposed to races) and resign yourself to replacing it probably once a year.

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2019-10-01 4:12 PM
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Subject: RE: wetsuit for pool water
Thank you! Helpful info. I was trying to find a shirt type top, non-jacket. Thank you for the link!
2019-10-03 6:38 AM
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Culpeper, VA
Subject: RE: wetsuit for pool water
Sailfish makes some thin wetsuits that might work well... worth checking out their Pacific and Atlantic models.

This suit looks like a good option from them...

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