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2020-08-30 5:52 AM


Subject: Hi from Russia
Hello everyone!

I'm a new member on this forum, and I registered here because I was thinking of getting back to triathlon as a discipline after too much time not practicing.
The thing is that I'm 40, and more or less stopped running, swimming etc on a regular basis in my mid 20s, when my career and family life started taking most of my time. But now, with my first son turning 14 this year and showing interest towards sports, I was thinking of exercising with him, so that we have something to share... and the weights in my bathroom say that I don't have enough sports in my life, anyways.
So, I'm not really thinking of winning races or anything - not at my age, especially with a good 15 kilos to lose before I can be considered in shape - but I'd still like to train as if I were going to run a triathlon in a couple months, because it will really involve all of my body, and because if I can share my son's passion, it'd be great.

See you soon on the forums!

2020-08-31 10:05 PM
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Subject: RE: Hi from Russia

Welcome. ! Sounds like a great way to spend time with your son , get in shape ..and have a good time. ! 

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