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2021-06-07 3:46 PM

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Denver, Colorado
Subject: BBQ newbie
My apartment complex has this huge grill/bbq thingie. I would love to take advantage of it, for cooking (grilling) experience, and to have a fun way to spend the time with my kids (and eat outside as a bonus, because it's so nice out!)

Since BBQ is not a Polish thing, I know nothing about grilling. I can surely google some stuff, but wanted to check with you guys. Looking for your favorite recipes, tips and tricks, and any other advices (for example: my son would love to grill a steak. I know I will make it either awfully hard or awfully chewy...)


2021-06-08 6:55 AM
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Middle River, Maryland
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Subject: RE: BBQ newbie

There are so many things to know about grilling/BBQing (which can be two different things ).  Steak cooking is the one thing I've gotten pretty good at.  You need a thicker piece of meat, at least an inch plus, a really hot grill, and the meat at room temperature.  The meat should be seasoned simply with salt and pepper - there are other spice blends (like Montreal steak seasoning) that work as well, but I prefer the simpler one.  The tougher the cut the longer you should "pre-season" it, and for a really tough cut like flank or hangar I'll marinade it overnight or something.

It is really easy to over cook a steak, and remember it always cooks more after you bring it off the grill and it needs to "rest", roughly 2/3 the amount of time you had it on the grill.

I've made some really mediocre steaks over the years, it takes some practice.  There are some really good tutorials on the Food Network web sites.

Just wait until you try grilled kielbasa.  Very different that the crock pot and sauerkraut versions I grew up with (my family is also Polish - great grandparents were from Plock...I guess that was Russia at the time).

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