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2023-10-11 6:21 AM


Subject: Hey There
Hi my name is Andy. I have just completed my first 1/2 marathon and now looking for my next challenge, so decided why not a sprint Triathlon. Never done anything like it before so if anyone has a training plan that could get me started would be much appreciated

2023-10-16 12:48 AM
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Subject: RE: Hey There

Hi, Andy.  Welcome to BT.  I was in a similar boat as you, having completed a few HMs then decided I needed to step it up and swim and bike and little first.

As for training plans, there are a couple of free ones here on the site if you look in the "Training Plans" section.  You'll probably be a little ahead in the run department as a lot of them are geared towards beginners, but it should give you an idea of how to structure a plan.

2024-01-12 8:22 AM
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Subject: RE: Hey There
Hey there Andy!

I wish you the very best man! It's the swim my friend. But it will probably be in a pool. Open water is whole different deal. So, I would recommend checking that so you can train to the event!
Good luck!

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