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Cow Creek Country Classic - CycleCentury

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Waxahachie, Texas
United States
Total Time = 5h 52m 29s
Overall Rank = /
Age Group =
Age Group Rank = 0/
Pre-race routine:

Woke up at 4:00am and took a shower to help wake up. Then I made an almond butter sandwich, checked my list of needed supplies, and loaded the truck. I ate my sandwich as I drove to meet John at the Collin Creek Mall. Tranfered my stuff to John's truck and off we went. The trip down was spent telling lies from our glory days. John told me about the HS basketball game that he led his team back from a 20 point deficit in the 4th quarter. Everyone else, on his team, had fouled out. So he engineered the come-back while playing 1 on 5! I told him about the HS FB game were I rushed for 414 yards and scored 11 touchdowns. All while on crutches.
Event warmup:

Picked up our packets, unloaded our stuff, talked to Karen, and ran to the bathroom just before the start.
  • 5h 52m 29s
  • 100.3 miles
  • 17.07 mile/hr

The first 35 miles were pretty uneventful. Then about that time, John had a bottle cage break off. It broke off right at the weld. It took a few minutes to run back and retrive the bottle and we were back on the road again. We stopped at the 1/2 way aid station to fill up bottles and visit the port-a-potty. It seemed like the last 5 miles, before the aid station, were all uphill. I really started to notice that I was loosing my leg strength on the hills and I fell behind John. They had wedges of watermelon at the aid station. Even though I had never eaten watermelon on my training rides, I decided to chance it. Since watermelon is 90% water, I figured it was a safe risk. That was probably the best damn watermelon I have ever eaten. After about 10 minutes, we were off again. The next few miles seemed like they were all downhill then we hit more rolling hills. The hills were not that bad, but I just did not have the leg strength anymore. I had about a 3 mile stretch were my legs felt so weak that I stayed on the small ring. John could have road away from me but he stayed with me. Around mile 65, I started to get some cramps coming up in my left quad. I immediately took the rest of my electrolytes and started drinking more of my Gu2O drink. I was surprised how quickly the cramps went away although they started coming back before the aid station at around mile 75. We took a 5 min break there. We filled up bottles and I ate several pretzels to get the salt. That break really helped me. I felt like I got a second wind from that break. We took another quick break at mile 90 and then headed for the finish. I have never experienced a more anticlimatic finish at a sporting event. There was not a soul at the finishline. No one to cheer you home. No music playing. No dancing girls. NADA, NOTHING, ZILTCH. Well, John and I rode to the truck and dismounted. Then we high-fived, hugged, patted each other on the ass, and then....looking deeply into each others eyes.....we had......a moment. AND AS THE MOMENT REACHED ITS CLIMAX, we were distracted by a girl riding around the parking lot. We had seen her out on the course and we wondered why she was doing laps in the parking lot. John wondered if she was trying to get in an official 100 miles. We check our bike computers and his read 98 miles and mine read 97 miles. We agreed that we did not come down here to NOT ride 100 miles. Back on with the helmet and we road 1.5 miles out and then back. This time crossing the finish line, I raised an arm and shouted out "I DID IT, 100 MILES". That got some laughs from some other riders in the parking lot. Without saying anything John and I knew we could not recreate the earlier moment, so we took turns hitting each other, on the shoulder, as hard as we could.
What would you do differently?:

Hook a bungee cord from the front of my bike to the back of John's bike, Take 2 electrolytes an hour instead of one, Mix my Gu2O stronger, have a seperate water only bottle, and more T.I.T.S.
Post race
Warm down:

We checked out the laim selection of post-race food and headed to Wataburger.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Not enough T.I.T.S. and being unfamiliar with my nutritional needs for an event that long.

Event comments:

The aid stations were well stocked, but the post-race stuff was SORRY, SORRY, SORRY.

Last updated: 2007-06-07 12:00 AM
05:52:29 | 100.3 miles | 17.07 mile/hr
Age Group: 0/
Overall: 0/
Ave HR = 134. Max HR = 155
Wind: Some
Course: Combination of paved and chipseal roads through the scenic countryside of Waxahachie. A lot of the Chipseal roads had a fresh white line on the right side. Riding the line made it much smoother.
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2007-06-26 3:05 PM

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Wylie, TX
Subject: Cow Creek Country Classic

2007-06-26 5:29 PM
in reply to: #861364

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Dallas, TX
Subject: RE: Cow Creek Country Classic
OH... what a comedian you are. Funny stuff.

Good to see you and John out.

And... uuuummm... why you gotta be such a perv in your RR?

and more T.I.T.S.

Not enough T.I.T.S.
2007-06-26 7:18 PM
in reply to: #861364

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Out running or enjoying a fine glass of red...
Subject: RE: Cow Creek Country Classic
Nice ride - loved the race report. You actually made riding 100 miles sound like fun. Sorry there were no dancing chics and cheerleaders at the finish. (Maybe there were another 3 miles down the road?)

2007-06-26 8:38 PM
in reply to: #861364

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Extreme Veteran
Dallas, TX
Subject: RE: Cow Creek Country Classic
Wow, what a century ride!  And quite a humorous race report   Well done!  Even though today I am technically older and more "mature," I have to admit that I giggled every time you mention T.I.T.S. hehehe
2007-06-27 12:30 PM
in reply to: #861364

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Longview, TX
Subject: RE: Cow Creek Country Classic
I am so glad that the girl distracted you two, because I was starting to get a very disturbing image in my head!  Congrats on a job well done, and please make sure you get more T.I.T.S.
2007-06-27 2:48 PM
in reply to: #861364

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Extreme Veteran
Subject: RE: Cow Creek Country Classic

Man, what a great time!  To be honest I might would have backed out if you hadn't told me you registered for it at the OWS a few weeks ago.  I probably had this "OH SH*T!" look when you told me.  I think it all worked out pretty great though!  Thanks for "pushing" me into it.  

I forgot to mention that I also broke the state pole vault record back in '86.

You know, I have to totally agree with you.  One can NEVER get enough T.I.T.S.! 

(now to get started on my bullsh*t story RR)

2007-06-28 10:12 PM
in reply to: #861364

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Dallas, TX
Subject: RE: Cow Creek Country Classic
Great ride and stories. Are you gonna do the HHH?
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