VIDEO: Training for an Ironman Part 1B - Threshold Testing and Critical Volume

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In this second part of Training for an Ironman, Jesse Kropelnicki will discuss threshold testing and the importance of 'critical volume' to get the training needed for race day.

In this second part of 5, Jesse Kropelnicki, head coach of QT2 Systems will discuss the training fundamentals of Ironman.

  • Bike and run threshold testing to determine heart-rate zones for Ironman training
    • Max HR
    • Karvonen
    • Offset
  • Energy systems
    • Anaerobic
    • Aerobic
  • Lactate curves
  • Critical volume - minimum volume needed to train for a particular race pace
    • Speed potential
    • Durability
    • Critical volume curves
    • --> Why do so many people walk the Ironman run?
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date: August 14, 2009