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author : Team BT
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avatarformable™ offers biomechanically customized training by elite coaches to help athletes maximize performance and reduce injury.
author : Team BT
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avatarTargeting different zones in your triathlon training
author : seveerneb
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photoHow to consistently come in last place and enjoy it. By a real expert.
author : FishrCutB8
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photoA little bit of everything from training, your equipment list, laying out a transition area and other pre-race preparations.
author : Team BT
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avatarTriathlon cycling: Tips for shifting smoothly when you want, where you want
author : lakelife
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photoGetting to my first triathlon
author : sawfish99
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photoMy first triathlon was the confirmation that I made a life altering choice of fitness.
author : Mary Miller
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photoI wanted to do something in my life before I hit the big 5-0. So, why not do a triathlon?!
author : Team BT
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avatarIt fell apart, but I didn't give up
author : Ron
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photoWhere do I start? What equipment do I need? How do I train? This article will serve as your 'Where do I start?' guide with several triathlon training schedules included below.
author : checkmate10
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photoSelf-described "old, fat guy" finishes his first solo sprint triathlon
author : Team BT
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photoI Remember My First Triathlon Like it Was Yesterday. Actually, It Was Two Days Ago.
author : alicefoeller
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photoThe basics, the niceties and the luxuries (updated 2018)
author : Sundried101
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A Guide to your First Triathlon with Free Training Plan
author : bruce_v
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photoA FAQ on using the site and a compilation of basic triathlon advice
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