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Lost Dutchman Marathon - RunMarathon

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Apache Junction, Arizona
United States
Lost Dutchman Marathon
50F / 10C
Total Time = 4h 24m 48s
Overall Rank = 198/400
Age Group = 50 - 54
Age Group Rank = 17/28
Pre-race routine:

Up at 4:00 AM, one banana, one Odwalla Super Protein drink -- 400 cal and 18 grams of soy protein, Ultimate liquide joint care and a sip of coffee. Went to pick up my race partner (who finished 7th, yes THAT fast) and off we went to the start. Gots lots of caleries early to get my body loaded for the race.

I was a little nervous about the race. Last year's race was my first marathon and it was UGLY. 5:23 and sick for two days. I wanted a 4:15 to 4:20 and felt good but I was still a little concerned.
Event warmup:

The Lost Dutchman starts at the end of a dirt road in a park. The set up campfires so we sit around and chat, some do little runs, it was around 38 degrees (+/-) so I found shivvering a good start. I drank 16 OZ. of HEED at around 6:45 AM, lost the warm ups and we walked to the start. It was a traditional gun start and off we went. No chips. Details to follow...
  • 4h 24m 33s
  • 26.2 miles
  • 10m 06s  min/mile

Leg#1: The sun was rising over the mountains as we ran down the dirt road. The cactus, the fresh air, the starts replaced by the clear blue sky. It DOES NOT get any better than this! IT was everything I could do to SLOW down to keep on pace. I wanted to go fast. It had been raining days earlier so we had to "ford" three washes on the way down. I am sure a few of the series runners did not like it, I thought it was very cool! It was the straight downhill. We lost about 500 feet over the lap. With the soft dirt and the down hill, I knew I was working my quads but they were OK. At mile 25 I had a different opinion. I held back to a 9:51 pace.

Leg#2: We left the park and ended up on U. S. 60 and that was just fine. Flat, level and still plenty cool so the pavement did not give us any extra heat. There was plenty of water to be had and I had taken two dashes into the bushes by now. "Rural" type runs are great that way. No waiting at portapoties for quick break. The air was still cool and the few fans there were had lots of enerry. This was slight uphill but not too bad. I drifted back up to a 10:10 but that was just fine.

Leg#3: This segment takes us back into the town of Apache Junction. The course is easy to follow, there are folks managing traffic everywhere so we were totally uninterupted and life worked pretty well for the folks who lived there. The course had a lot of ups and downs in this section. The elevation map does not do justice to it. My Garmin shows a net gain of 30 feet, well, there were a lot of ups and down to get that 30 feet. I was feeling good, except my quads were just starting to speak to me, so I moved the pace back to a 9:51 rate to set up for the final leg. It was starting to warm up, I upped my water and Thermalyte a lot here.

Leg #4: Other than my quads, I felt GREAT. I started to drop my pace down to a 9:30 to head in at the 4:20 I was looking for. There were a lot of small ups and downs but the net of the final miles was down so I felt good about it. It was heating up so I kepy my water and thermalyte strong. As I cleared about mile 25 my quads, that were now in pain, realy went off. I was fine on the level but the ups and downs were very rough. It was very frustrating, I was in great shape but every hill up or decline was met by ever slowing pain. So, I just slowed on the ups and downs to keep it comfortable and headed for the finish. As I rounded to corner, I was my bride in her wheelchair, camara in hand, waiting for me. So I starting hooting and jumping up and down for the dropped my pace to a 7:30 for the last two hundred wards to kick some a$$ at the finish.

It felt great! I grabbed my medel then jumped the fence to run back to my bride. Last year, my first marathon, I finished in 5:23, got taken to the medics tent, had to be driven home and puked by the side of the road half way back to Tucson. This time, the jazz was fantastic, what a difference a year makes! We had a great day together with no concerns except a pair of quads that were sore.

When I looked at the poor, pale and trashed looking group finishing with me I can only imagion how I must have looked last year when the paramedics grabed me and took me straight to their tent to check my bloodpressure and if I had any sense left.
What would you do differently?:

I need to do some more downhill training to manage my quads. I overdid them at the start and they told me that at mile 25. Otherwise, not much! I might drink a little more after mile 18 as it got hotter but otherwise it was a great run.

I did get the water, etc. dead on this time. HEED at the start. One Hammer Gel every 30 min. One thermalyte, every 30 at the start, two as it warmed up, extra at the end when it got hot. LOTS of water... recovery drinks at the end... It is really nice when you get the combination right!
Post race
Warm down:

For my warmdown we walked around the area a bit, I had an Endurox waiting for me along with a banana and another Odwalla protein drink. They were gone withing 15 min. of my finish. The, off to lunch in Scottsdale, brousing shops in Old Scottsdale for the afternoon then drove back to Tucson that night. Took an easy 1 mile walk this morning to start getting my legs going again today.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

My quads... I felt great, had lots of energy and went on with my day.

Event comments:

This is a small, extremely "user friendly" race. I think there were only about 400 total marathoners. So, the pre-race fair is small, the post race fair is small. Both "below average", but in the scope of convenience and overall experience. Who cares!? I don't buy much at race shows and I never stay for the band. Unless I am knee deep in HIM training, I will do this race again next year!

Last updated: 2007-12-02 12:00 AM
04:24:33 | 26.2 miles | 10m 06s  min/mile
Age Group: 17/28
Overall: 138/400
Performance: Good
Note: My time above is start to finish, official time is gun to finish. I stayed in the back to let the faster runner go first. My time above is Garmin time -- starting line to finish line. I broke the race into four legs. Leg#1: 1:05:33, avg pace 9:51, avg HR 141, 6.65 miles Leg#2: 1:04:39, avg pace 10:10, avg HR 145, 6.36 miles, 13.01 miles total Leg#3: 1:06:23, avg pace 9:51, avg HR 157, 6.74 miles, 19.75 miles total. Leg#4: 1:07:58, avg pace 10:12, avg HR 163, 6.66 miles, 26.41 miles (?) My Garmin shows me running .21 miles extra, go figure...
Course: The course was wonderful! There is NO better start. Sitting by a campfire, watching the stars slowly fade as the sun lightens the sky in the east. We just walk about 100 yds to the start, we stand about two minutes and a gun goes off. Now, that is a civil start! The first six miles through a national park are as pretty as it gets. When we get to the roads, they are well marked, the trafic is well controled and EVERYONE is frendly. It is a challenging course but a really nice run. If you want crouds, etc. like NY or Boston. This is not your race. If you want a great race, easy to get to, easy at the start and easy at the finish. This is your one!
Keeping cool Average Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 5
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Below average
Race evaluation [1-5] 5

2008-02-18 12:02 PM

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Extreme Veteran
Tucson, AZ
Subject: Lost Dutchman Marathon

2008-02-18 12:28 PM
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2008-02-18 12:51 PM
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Granvile, Ohio
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon
etknowles - 2008-02-18 1:02 PM

Really nice job on your race!  I love hearing how happy you are this year versus how badly you felt last year.  V ERY inspiring!  This sounds like a really fun race to do.  Just curious, what was the temp at the finish?
2008-02-18 1:00 PM
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Melon Presser
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon

Super job, Emerson, and what a wonderful race report! I loved how you described the start ... and then you pulled off a great, well-paced race throughout and handled the hills well despite thinking you had needed to do more training on them.


2008-02-18 1:01 PM
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Tucson, AZ
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon

tnickerson - 2008-02-18 11:51 AM
etknowles - 2008-02-18 1:02 PM

Really nice job on your race!  I love hearing how happy you are this year versus how badly you felt last year.  V ERY inspiring!  This sounds like a really fun race to do.  Just curious, what was the temp at the finish?

The desert is an interesting place to manage your water needs.  It was a cold 40 degrees at the start, maybe even 38.  It was easily 65 to 70 at the end with the sun out.  This makes for a lot of Thermalyte and water or it makes for UGLY.  I have tried UGLY and stopping at EVERY water station and losing a few minutes is totally worth avoiding the misery of an UGLY finish.

2008-02-18 3:19 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon

Great race report.  Looks like you were spot on with your nutrition.  Sure makes the race more enjoyable

Way to go.... 

2008-02-18 7:53 PM
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Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon

Great race, Emerson! You must have done a lot of very good and very smart training to improve so much in a year. I really liked your RR. Sounds like a beautiful race. For me, one of the nice things about races is the pretty scenery we get to see along the way.


2008-02-18 8:30 PM
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Mishicot, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon
Awesome job Emerson...what an improvement from last year!!  Keep up the great work and we look forward to many more amazing finishes from you!!
2008-02-18 10:34 PM
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Santa Cruz, California
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon

YAY EMERSON! You rocked on your run! I had no doubt that you would! KIU!!! very glad that you decided to jump into our mentors group! you have been a great addition and have brought a wealth of information and motivation and I look forward to lots more encouragement and words of knowledge! CONGRATS ON YOUR GREAT FINISH!!!! I can't imagine what next year will bring!


2008-02-19 1:21 AM
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San mateo California
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon

My friend...  this was a great report..  Thanks for sharing it with us..  You rock....   and big Sur is going to be a blast too..

 Keep it up an stay healthy...

2008-02-19 11:27 AM
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Charlotte, NC
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon
Awesome report Emerson!  Nothing is as satisfying to me as going on and hammering a race, knowing that my training was right on for what I wanted to do, and then being able to go about your life for the rest of the day.  My first sprint tri left me wanting to nap all day.  Now I go race an Olympic and then spend the day working in the yard or playing with the kids.

2008-02-19 2:57 PM
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Modesto, California
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon
Great race Emerson! I hope to keep reading your reports, much to be learned from you! Its inspiring to read how much you enjoy running! Keep in touch.......
2008-02-20 9:31 AM
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Extreme Veteran
Columbia, South Carolina
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon
Excellent job, Emerson!  That does sound like a really neat race.  Congrats on taking so much time off the previous year (and your PR) - especially with feeling so much better doing it!
2008-02-20 5:54 PM
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Carlsbad, California
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon

Great job out there Emerson

Sounds like a huge improvement over the previous year. From your description, this is a pretty technical course and it sounds like you managed it very well.

I rather like small marathons and it sounds like you have found a very good one that is not too far away from home.

Nicely done

2008-02-20 6:39 PM
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Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon
Emerson - Sounds like you had a GREAT race!

Wow, what a difference your year of hard work and training made!


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2008-02-21 10:46 AM
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Tucson, AZ
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon
Congratulations! That's a challenging race for sure. Wow...what a difference between this year and last year. You rocked it! Keep up the fantastic work!

2008-02-22 6:40 PM
in reply to: #1218324

Spring (Houston), TX
Subject: RE: Lost Dutchman Marathon
Way to go Emerson! Fantastic race and a beautiful day too.
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