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Quantico, Virginia
United States
Marine Corps Historic Half
70F / 21C
Total Time = 35m 56s
Overall Rank = 226/286
Age Group = 35F
Age Group Rank = 15/22
Pre-race routine:

First night race. Kind of weird to be awake for the 8 hours leading up to it. Had to be careful of what/how much I ate during the day, but went with my normal morning "pre-race" stuff and went with coffee & a bit of pastry before heading out.
Event warmup:

Arrived at Quantico with a ton of time. Got my packet, walked around and stretched a bit and listened to the Jimmy Buffet cover band while waiting for the start. (I still can't bring myself to run before I run.)

Realize very quickly that the tech shirt I got from Shamrock isn't so great. As a matter of fact, it's rather suffocating. It wasn't terribly warm, but just enough humidity that I ditched it - at least I have a bit of a tan...
  • 35m 56s
  • 3.13 miles
  • 11m 29s  min/mile

Everyone queues up and we crack our chemlights (cool!) and off we go, I'm at the back like I always am - no sense in getting run over. Briefly take note of how many runners with strollers will finish ahead of me. Things cleared out quickly and I found a comfortable pace right away. Gait felt good, turnover felt good, all good. After about a half mile, I check my pace. 9:30 miles... Wow. So. Not. Sustainable.

Problem is, I know if I try to change my gait/turnover when it already feels natural, I will end up tripping over my own two feet and faceplanting. Really don't want to do that. So, I decide to just go as far as I can and walk when I need to. Apparently today my running pace is 9:30 and there isn't going to be a whole lot I can do about it.

Across the railroad tracks and I can't help but wonder if they have carefully checked the train schedules, LOL. Haven't walked yet and don't trip over the train tracks. Always good.

Some up/down hills - nothing bad, but not flat. We're out into Quantico proper and come along to the first entertainment set of the evening. One of the local elementary schools has an African percussion group as part of their band. Very cool! Not long after that, I gave in and walked - 60-100 paces whenever I needed to, but no more than 100 at a time. That worked fairly well.

Hit the first mile marker in 10:30... Eep.

From mile 1 to the next band. Lots of folks out and about being encouraging. :) Next entertainment point: Guys Without Watches. Pretty good cover band from what I heard of it. They had about a dozen kids there that they had told to treat the runners like they were the Beatles. OK, Justin Timberlake. Alright...the Jonas Brothers. Regardless, gotta love getting the screaming fan rockstar treatment. A nice boost to get to the water station.

Hit the first water station - at the bottom of a hill... Took 2 waters - 2 sips out of cup 1, the rest on my head. 2 sips out of cup 2, the rest down my bra. OH MY GOD, that felt good. I walked up the hill and didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about it! Quiet loop around the neighborhood and then DOWN the hill to the other side of the water stop! YAY, downhill and more water!!!

Mile 2 was just before the water stop, at this point, I'm now at an average pace of 11:04. Somewhat more reasonable, but still not at all sustainable, but hey, I can walk as much as I need to and I'm having a good time. Just after the water stop, we went by a house where some folks were having a cookout and MAN, I wanted a cheeseburger so badly!!

On the way back to the base, passed another cover band, Tsarina's Rock. Sounded pretty good. Looked up and saw...A TRAIN. And just started to laugh hysterically - I couldn't remember if we turned at the tracks or were supposed to go through it. Well, having to stop for a train would definitely take care of the "going too fast" problem... All I could think was, "What limited your ability to go faster?" "Amtrak."

As we get closer I see that we turn before the tracks, so at least I won't get stopped by a train. At this point, I am tired, but I also know that there is less than a mile to go - and anyone can run a mile. :)

Grabbed a grandfatherly volunteer as we turned in front of the train and gave him a hug & smooch for hanging out and waiting for us slow folks.

Last stretch before we get back on to the base and I find myself walking next to a little guy who is walking, too. Tell him he's going a great job, he says, "Thanks, but I think I'm running out of steam." I tell him it's OK, I am too. Then he says, "But I think I can still go fast!" and takes off. I refrained from yelling, "Oh yeah? Well I wasn't mainlining pixie stix before the race!"

Last entertainment is a Barbershop Chorus just before the tunnel that goes under the railroad tracks and back onto the base. Sounded extra cool with it echoing in the tunnels. The tunnel is a down/up. Ran the down, walked about halfway up and then decided to run again. Well, that was a bit of an idiot move cause I wanted to DIE when I got to the top, LOL.

Went a bit further and turned and saw the finish - YAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Managed to shuffle/stumble most of the way and pick it up just a bit at the very end and DONE!!!!! Checked my watch and ended up with 11:28 pace overall and the best 5K I've had this summer. Go me!
What would you do differently?:

Nothing really - good reminder that biking and swimming helps my running as much (if not more) than just running. Very pleased.
Post race
Warm down:

Best post race goodie ever: Towels soaked in rubbing alcohol. AWESOME.

Stretched a bit, went back and cheered the rest of the runners in, including the very last itty-bitty one. Gave her a high five and "well done!" afterwards.

Grabbed a beer, sat my butt down and listened to Gonzo's Nose (excellent cover band) and watched all the kids on the field turn the chemlights into projectile weapons. Wondered if it was really a good idea to have something resembling tracer fire occurring on a Marine base.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Just general conditioning and that's been coming along quite well since I got back in the saddle at the beginning of summer.

Event comments:

Exceptionally well organized, enough drinks and towels and everything for everyone and then some. Terrific entertainment and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Last updated: 2008-06-04 12:00 AM
00:35:56 | 03.13 miles | 11m 29s  min/mile
Age Group: 0/22
Overall: 0/286
Performance: Good
Time/dist off Garmin 1: 10:30 2: 11:37 3: 12:08 .13: 1:39
Course: Starts on Quantico Marine Base, goes off base into Quantico proper for a bit, then back on base. Some small hills, nothing disastrous.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 4
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 5

2008-08-24 8:09 PM

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DC Metro, slowly working my way to NC
Bronze member
Subject: RunStock

2008-08-25 10:55 AM
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Granvile, Ohio
Subject: RE: RunStock
Well done! 

I gotta say, you do the best race reports EVER!   I hope you didn't give that poor "grandfatherly" volunteer a heart attack or something!  

2008-08-25 6:25 PM
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Subject: RE: RunStock
Cool race.  Congrates on PB.  Hope I can find a race like that around here. 
2008-08-25 7:16 PM
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Herndon VA
Subject: RE: RunStock

Hey Cindy,

Congrats on a great race and entertaining race report.  That was a lot of bands for a 5k.  I like when they give you a towel at the end of a race but I've never had them put rubbing alcohol on the towel.  Interesting.  Night races sound good because it's the right time of day for a beer.


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