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Aurora, Colorado
United States
24 Hour Events, LLC
Total Time = 23h 26m
Overall Rank = /
Age Group = 24 hour - 2 man
Age Group Rank = 3/3
Pre-race routine:

I did the 24 hour race as part of a two person team with my friend Steve.

Started packing up all of the stuff we were going to need on Wednesday for the flight out to Colorado on Friday. The packing was a little absurd since it was like packing for a multiday cycling event, an IM, and a backpacking trip all in one. Thankfully I had my Dad set up to fly out with me so that he could check one of the bags of equipment. In the end, I managed to get all the stuff we needed and all the emergency gear out there including all our backup cycling equipment and the extensive first aid kit. I have a list of what we each brought should anyone need it just pm me.

Flew out to Colorado on Friday with my Dad and met Steve at the Denver airport. All the bags made it. Steve picked up the rental van and then picked us up at the terminal. We got registered, chatted with Shanna Armstrong and checked out the race location and then went out to buy all the supplies for the race like water, food, etc.

The store was close by the hotel so it was easy. Thankfully this year my Dad's diet was a tad more sensible and expected. No random sushi, etc. This year both Steve and I decided to rely more upon solid food than normal. We had good success with solid food at the Death Ride and to be honest we both tire of liquid calories after seven or so hours. The solid food seems to help but my food regime is still a work in progress.

We checked into the race hotel and all I can say is wow. The room stunk. I can't explain the stench in the room. As soon as you entered the room the smell belted you in the stomach and then for good measure hit you upside the head. It was terrible. We dealt with it but my lasting impression of the Crestwood Suites is that I need never visit one again. Absolutely horrible. Not as bad as the hotel in Sylmar with the drug bust in the room across from ours but if a similar situation had happened I would not have been surprised.

We got to the race at 6:30 am the next morning and we proceeded to set up our tranisition area. We pulled the minivan in to one parking stall and set the tent up in the parking stall next to the van. I bought a new tent this year that is far larger than any previous tent we have used. It was terrific (a six person tent that you can stand up in). The set up left both the tent and the benches in the van clear for sleeping. After finishing the set up we were ready to roll.

Event warmup:

The race started at 8am. The first 3 legs had to be done in triathlon order but all subsequent legs could be done in any order with the following restrictions 1) only one member on the team could be on the course at a time, 2) no swimming between 6:30 pm and 6:30 am or in the case of lightening, 3) last leg had to finish by 8:00 am the next morning, and 4) the goal was the most complete triathlons not the most legs.

I took off on the swim which was interesting. There was about a 0.1 mile run down to the beach on various surfaces with the course being a triangle shape. I attempted to cruise it which I was successful at. 24 hours is a long time and I didn't want to sprint at the beginning just to die a painful death later in the day. The run back up to transition was rocky and nasty and a bit longer than expected. I wore shoes during the run up and back for all swimming legs after the first one. Steve then took off and did a bike and I did the run leg which had a little more terrain variety than the run course last year. Over all no problem.

After the first tri we started alternating with me doing 4 swim legs to every bike leg for Steve. I knew I wasn't going to want to get back in the water in the morning so I just tried to keep moving the best I could. I might have been marginally faster without wearing shoes for the run to and from transition but I was going to need my feet later so it was an easy decision to use the shoes. Eventually the race promoters installed carpeting back up to transition from the swim (carpet was installed from the swim start to the swim at the beginning of the race).

For whatever reason the swim leg (for which the run up and back to transition was likely longer than the actual swim portion, distance wise) was proving more difficult than expected. I'm a swimmer so I have high expectations for my swims since I generally suck a$$ at running and cycling, in terms of spped. However, while my times were reasonably steady they were generally slow. It would take me 3-4 minutes of each leg for the leave transition, run, remove shoes, enter water, exit water, put on shoes, run, enter transition portion of the "swim" leg. Frustrating. I think the combination of the constant spiking of my heart rate from the swimming/running and the heat took its toll on me early. By around leg 16 I was slowing and starting to feel fatigued.

After 18 swim legs I called it a day on the swimming and started biking and running. The original plan was for me to complete 20 swims but it was clear I wasn't holding the expected pace on the swims to make that a reality. I decided to forgo the 19th and 20th swim and would get back in the water in the morning, if necessary. I didn't really want to but figured if it mattered I would do it.

While I had completed 18 swim legs and 1 run leg, Steve had completed 7 bike legs. We then started into the plan which had me doing 3 bike legs and then both of us switching to running. Last year my first bike leg was in the dark which was not a good idea so the daylight bike legs were a welcome change. When I rode later in the night it was helpful to already know the course especially given the new moon (it was seriously dark at night). The 3 bike rides went fine but it was seriously windy. My third leg was a cluster f*** but I got through it. It turned out I cycled during the worst wind of the 24 hours. That's how my luck worked.

We got to running and I generally felt alright. Not great but alright. We each did 3 loops at a time just to get it over with and give the other a chance to rest. During my first 3 loops I was absolutely feasted on by mosquitos. My shirt was literally black with mosquitos. You would think I was exagerating until I show you all of the mosquito bites on my shoulders and back. I look like a steroid abuser with horrible back acne. I kid you not I have literally 50+ bites on me. F'ing incredible...and yes after turning black from mosquitos I completely sprayed myself with bug spray. I even have 5 bites of my f'ing face and I was sporting the full unshaven beard look for the race. These bastards didn't care they just bit wildly. ... Sorry I've been itchy all day. I got a little cranky there for a minute.

Well anyways, after the first bit of running the problems started creeping in. I started having trouble with temperature control. I would get really cold and climb in the sleeping bag only to start sweating my a$$ off and yet still feeling cold. I was not in good shape so I started to run through the alternatives and decided I must need fluids. After all I hadn't peed in hours. In fact, I couldn't remember the last time I peed so in went the fluids. While the fluids helped they didn't solve the problem so I started in on calories. Unfortunately, my recovery was interrupted by Steve telling me it was my turn to run so off I went. Not quickly mind you but it felt fast at the time. We continued to alternate throughout the night. It generally went I would eat and drink and then lie down and before I realized I had fallen asleep I would be awoken to run or ride again. Steve had a similar experience. Thankfully, the low point passed and I started to feel better but the low point lasted much longer than usual. Most likely from 6:30 pm to midnight or so. Ugh.

I apologize for this part being a bit fuzzy but I'm convinced the key to doing this kind of stuff is having a brain that conveniently forgets certain bits of information so if I don't remember it I assume it was terrible and I'm better off forgetting it.

So we made it. Our original goal was 20 full tris. We ended at 18. There are a lot of reasons for this but the reasons can be lumped into two categories: 1) we both work too much, and 2) we no longer live in the same city so we can't peer pressure each other into training as easily as before. Over the past two years we both changed jobs and the change in hours (including commuting) has taken a toll and we used to have to explain to the other whenever we missed a training session so it was much harder to just blow one off. Both issues are fixable but I have yet to fix either of the problems.

However, I deem this race a success because Steve wanted to do this race. I gave him the ability to decide if we did or did not do this race. If we did the race I would skip the full Silverman if we did not I would do the full Silverman. It was literally that simple. He ultimately decided that we should do the race to, in my mind, redeem his performance from last year. He did far more than redeem himself he carried me throughout the night. I was hurting badly and was fairly incoherent. For example, at one point he entered the tent to get electrical tape and I never heard him. He had to shake me awake to let me know he was there. I was seriously done and very slow. He kept me going and in combination with my Dad got me back on track.

Two lessons from this race:
1) When feeling terrible (not gi terrible) drink more liquids; and
2) When feeling terrible (not gi terrible) take in more calories while drinking those liquids).

I have already learned that gi terrible means puke or stop taking in calories. Been there done that.

By around 1 am I was starting to feel better, not good mind you, but better. By 6 am I was feeling like myself, a tired version of myself with very tired muscles, but myself. If we do this thing again I need to pay better attention to my hydration and calories early. I got behind and it took a long time to get back to a level that enabled me to even partially perform.

This race report is brought to you by the Bosstones.
  • 2h 58m 30s
  • 7598 yards
  • 02m 21s / 100 yards

0.24 mile swim course plus 0.17 mile run repeated 18 times. I did all 18 of the laps for our team.

Lap 1 - SWIM 8:00:00 AM 0:08:29

Lap 2 - SWIM 9:37:57 AM 0:09:40
Lap 3 - SWIM 9:47:51 AM 0:09:30
Lap 4 - SWIM 9:57:36 AM 0:09:36
Lap 5 - SWIM 10:07:26 AM 0:09:24

Lap 6 - SWIM 10:56:57 AM 0:10:17
Lap 7 - SWIM 11:07:29 AM 0:09:44
Lap 8 - SWIM 11:17:28 AM 0:09:54
Lap 9 - SWIM 11:27:38 AM 0:09:55

Lap 10 - SWIM 12:14:51 PM 0:10:10
Lap 11 - SWIM 12:25:16 PM 0:09:42
Lap 12 - SWIM 12:35:13 PM 0:09:59
Lap 13 - SWIM 12:45:37 PM 0:10:17
Lap 14 - SWIM 12:56:10 PM 0:10:18

Lap 15 - SWIM 2:23:59 PM 0:10:31
Lap 16 - SWIM 2:34:45 PM 0:10:03
Lap 17 - SWIM 2:45:03 PM 0:10:25
Lap 18 - SWIM 2:55:44 PM 0:10:37

Time includes run to/from the transition area.
What would you do differently?:

I guess swim a bit more leading up to the race but I think it had more to do with the heart rate spike and the inefficiency of the shoe system I was using.
Transition 1
  • 00m
  • 12h 07m
  • 201.6 miles
  • 16.64 mile/hr

11.2 mile course repeated 18 times. I personally did 6 of the 18 laps for our team. Steve did the other 12.

The bike course was a two part out and back with some elevation gain. Not a ton but enough to get your attention. In general, the bike course was well set up and excellent. The end into transition was a little dicey but short so I took it slow.

Lap 1 - BIKE 3:48:42 PM 0:39:42

Lap 2 - BIKE 4:28:48 PM 0:42:35
Lap 3 - BIKE 5:11:50 PM 0:45:00

Lap 4 - BIKE 2:54:40 AM 0:43:29
Lap 5 - BIKE 3:38:41 AM 0:46:54

Lap 6 - BIKE 5:56:24 AM 0:45:49

What would you do differently?:

Train more (but wouldn't we all).
Transition 2
  • 00m
  • 7h 20m
  • 47.16 miles
  • 09m 20s  min/mile

2.45 mile course repeated 18 times. I personally did 9 of the 18 laps for our team. Steve did the other 9.

The run course was quite nice except for the fact that the turn around area was in a lower lying wet area which led to huge mosquito issues. I hate f'ing mosquitos. Anyway, the run course was nice with that exception.

Lap 1 - RUN 8:43:24 AM 0:19:52

Lap 2 - RUN 7:04:54 PM 0:22:14
Lap 3 - RUN 7:27:43 PM 0:22:59
Lap 4 - RUN 7:51:19 PM 0:23:21

Lap 5 - RUN 9:30:08 PM 0:25:33
Lap 6 - RUN 9:55:59 PM 0:25:38
Lap 7 - RUN 10:22:38 PM 0:33:19

Lap 8 - RUN 12:21:07 AM 0:28:18
Lap 9 - RUN 12:50:39 AM 0:27:47

What would you do differently?:

Again train more but who wouldn't say they should have trained more?
Post race
Warm down:

Break camp and clean up our transition area. Drink a soda and cheer on the raffle and division winners.

All times including transitions listed below:

Michael     SWIM     8:00:00 AM     0:08:29
            TRANS    8:08:29 AM     0:00:28
Steven      BIKE     8:08:57 AM     0:34:07
            TRANS    8:43:04 AM     0:00:20
Michael     RUN      8:43:24 AM     0:19:52
            TRANS    9:03:16 AM     0:00:26
Steven      BIKE     9:03:42 AM     0:33:53
            TRANS    9:37:35 AM     0:00:22
Michael     SWIM     9:37:57 AM     0:09:40
            TRANS    9:47:37 AM     0:00:14
Michael     SWIM     9:47:51 AM     0:09:30
            TRANS    9:57:21 AM     0:00:15
Michael     SWIM     9:57:36 AM     0:09:36
            TRANS    10:07:12 AM     0:00:14
Michael     SWIM     10:07:26 AM     0:09:24
            TRANS    10:16:50 AM     0:00:23
Steven      BIKE     10:17:13 AM     0:39:19
            TRANS    10:56:32 AM     0:00:25
Michael     SWIM     10:56:57 AM     0:10:17
            TRANS    11:07:14 AM     0:00:15
Michael     SWIM     11:07:29 AM     0:09:44
            TRANS    11:17:13 AM     0:00:15
Michael     SWIM     11:17:28 AM     0:09:54
            TRANS    11:27:22 AM     0:00:16
Michael     SWIM     11:27:38 AM     0:09:55
            TRANS    11:37:33 AM     0:00:27
Steven      BIKE     11:38:00 AM     0:36:28
            TRANS    12:14:28 PM     0:00:23
Michael     SWIM     12:14:51 PM     0:10:10
            TRANS    12:25:01 PM     0:00:15
Michael     SWIM     12:25:16 PM     0:09:42
            TRANS    12:34:58 PM     0:00:15
Michael     SWIM     12:35:13 PM     0:09:59
            TRANS    12:45:12 PM     0:00:25
Michael     SWIM     12:45:37 PM     0:10:17
            TRANS    12:55:54 PM     0:00:16
Michael     SWIM     12:56:10 PM     0:10:18
            TRANS    1:06:28 PM     0:00:26
Steven      BIKE     1:06:54 PM     0:37:28
            TRANS    1:44:22 PM     0:00:21
Steven      BIKE     1:44:43 PM     0:38:53
            TRANS    2:23:36 PM     0:00:23
Michael     SWIM     2:23:59 PM     0:10:31
            TRANS    2:34:30 PM     0:00:15
Michael     SWIM     2:34:45 PM     0:10:03
            TRANS    2:44:48 PM     0:00:15
Michael     SWIM     2:45:03 PM     0:10:25
            TRANS    2:55:28 PM     0:00:16
Michael     SWIM     2:55:44 PM     0:10:37
            TRANS    3:06:21 PM     0:00:28
Steven      BIKE     3:06:49 PM     0:41:08
            TRANS    3:47:57 PM     0:00:45
Michael     BIKE     3:48:42 PM     0:39:42
            TRANS    4:28:24 PM     0:00:24
Michael     BIKE     4:28:48 PM     0:42:35
            TRANS    5:11:23 PM     0:00:27
Michael     BIKE     5:11:50 PM     0:45:00
            TRANS    5:56:50 PM     0:00:29
Steven      RUN      5:57:19 PM     0:20:37
            TRANS    6:17:56 PM     0:00:36
Steven      RUN      6:18:32 PM     0:22:31
            TRANS    6:41:03 PM     0:00:44
Steven      RUN      6:41:47 PM     0:22:40
            TRANS    7:04:27 PM     0:00:27
Michael     RUN      7:04:54 PM     0:22:14
            TRANS    7:27:08 PM     0:00:35
Michael     RUN      7:27:43 PM     0:22:59
            TRANS    7:50:42 PM     0:00:37
Michael     RUN      7:51:19 PM     0:23:21
            TRANS    8:14:40 PM     0:00:38
Steven      RUN      8:15:18 PM     0:24:17
            TRANS    8:39:35 PM     0:00:49
Steven      RUN      8:40:24 PM     0:20:52
            TRANS    9:01:16 PM     0:01:51
Steven      RUN      9:03:07 PM     0:24:29
            TRANS    9:27:36 PM     0:02:32
Michael     RUN      9:30:08 PM     0:25:33
            TRANS    9:55:41 PM     0:00:18
Michael     RUN      9:55:59 PM     0:25:38
            TRANS    10:21:37 PM     0:01:01
Michael     RUN      10:22:38 PM     0:33:19
            TRANS    10:55:57 PM     0:01:50
Steven      RUN      10:57:47 PM     0:24:59
            TRANS    11:22:46 PM     0:01:24
Steven      RUN      11:24:10 PM     0:21:49
            TRANS    11:45:59 PM     0:02:24
Steven      RUN      11:48:23 PM     0:28:21
            TRANS    12:16:44 AM     0:04:23
Michael     RUN      12:21:07 AM     0:28:18
            TRANS    12:49:25 AM     0:01:14
Michael     RUN      12:50:39 AM     0:27:47
            TRANS    1:18:26 AM     0:06:20
Steven      BIKE     1:24:46 AM     0:41:50
            TRANS    2:06:36 AM     0:02:21
Steven      BIKE     2:08:57 AM     0:41:46
            TRANS    2:50:43 AM     0:03:57
Michael     BIKE     2:54:40 AM     0:43:29
            TRANS    3:38:09 AM     0:00:32
Michael     BIKE     3:38:41 AM     0:46:54
            TRANS    4:25:35 AM     0:03:53
Steven      BIKE     4:29:28 AM     0:43:39
            TRANS    5:13:07 AM     0:01:13
Steven      BIKE     5:14:20 AM     0:35:50
            TRANS    5:50:10 AM     0:06:14
Michael     BIKE     5:56:24 AM     0:45:49
            TRANS    6:42:13 AM     0:04:36
Steven      BIKE     6:46:49 AM     0:39:11
            TRANS    7:26:00 AM

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Training and nutrition early on in the day.

Event comments:

Once again, Ian and his crew put on an excellent race. This year they had Suzuki as a sponser that allowed crew members to test drive cars to local areas to get food or other necessities. We took advantage of this great feature to get more food when we started to run low.

I cannot recommend this race enough. It is a lot of fun and very well organized.

Last updated: 2008-09-03 12:00 AM
02:58:30 | 7598 yards | 02m 21s / 100yards
Age Group: 0/3
Overall: 0/
Performance: Bad
Suit: Xterra Vengeance Longjohn
Course: triangle swim.
Start type: Plus:
Water temp: 0F / 0C Current: Medium
200M Perf. Remainder:
Breathing: Drafting:
Waves: Navigation:
Time: 00:00
Cap removal: Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? Run with bike:
Jump on bike:
Getting up to speed:
12:07:00 | 201.6 miles | 16.64 mile/hr
Age Group: 0/3
Overall: 0/
Performance: Below average
Road:   Cadence:
Turns: Cornering:
Gear changes: Hills:
Race pace: Drinks:
Time: 00:00
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike
Running with bike
Racking bike
Shoe and helmet removal
07:20:00 | 47.16 miles | 09m 20s  min/mile
Age Group: 0/3
Overall: 0/
Performance: Average
Keeping cool Drinking
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Below average
Mental exertion [1-5] 2
Physical exertion [1-5] 3
Good race? Ok
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 4

2008-09-03 1:55 AM

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Los Angeles, CA
Subject: Newton 24 Hours of Triathlon - 2 man team

2008-09-04 2:04 AM
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Subject: RE: Newton 24 Hours of Triathlon - 2 man team
Congratulations, Mike!  That race was just nuts, and you guys should be very proud of your performance.  You're right about the mosquitos... I've never seen anything like that in Colorado.  Your accomplishment in this race should make you proud of the entire season, I should think!
2008-09-04 6:05 AM
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Subject: RE: Newton 24 Hours of Triathlon - 2 man team

Crazy but cool!

Love the details...seems very challenging...

Great job!!

I want to do a 10 hour tri with my brother next September and do a 24 hour cycling race next year. I'll have to ask you some questions about training and racing.

2008-09-04 2:35 PM
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Evergreen, CO
Subject: RE: Newton 24 Hours of Triathlon - 2 man team
Fantastic job on the race!!!  Almost makes me want to try it
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