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Quad Cross 2008 Bedford Springs - CycleCyclocross

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Bedford, Massachusetts
United States
QuadCycles, Middlesex Community College
65F / 18C
Total Time = 00m
Overall Rank = 17/23
Age Group = Women Cat 3/4
Age Group Rank = 17/23
Pre-race routine:

Up at 6 out the door 6:40. It was raining so no reason to get there to early as warm up would be shorter.
Event warmup:

Around an hour before race I picked up race number and rode the course easy to take it in. It had rained the two days prior so field was muddy and with long grass hard riding even slow. Second loop around I took it up a little and had labored breath. Wondered how it would be to ride this hard. Nice thing about race 180 turns did not cause toe/wheel overlap which is is one problem/issue avoided. 15' before race took gel, had some water,changed into NEBC jersey and got some bug spray on.

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Cross in the rain with wet fields was new to me and I wondered how different it would be with slipperiness and sogginess of the grass....turns out it perfect cross conditions and the mud made racing more challenging and fun.

My goal was to line up in first row but we were pushed back about 20 feet which meant I ended up in second row and at the start quickly towards the back. I need to work on faster starts as I get stuck in the slow down in the back and end up wasting a lot of time as the pack strings out. By the first set of barriers I had passed some women and sort of got my place I basically stayed in the rest of the race.

I tried to use my energy wisely when pushing hard would make a difference like blacktop paths or parking lot. I did quite a few turns unclipping and tripoding (putting inside foot close to ground in case I tip over or slip) as the wet grass going faster I worried about slipping and figured that was better than breaking and slowing down. Second set of barriers were muddy mess. I would dismount just before the turn go over barrier and run up the hill and mount. First time through I fell at the bottom turn. In time I figured better lines and watched NEBCer in front of me find a better line to the left. I enjoyed this section each time through.It is so hard to ride uphills in mud as you need to keep traction and not bog down front tire.

Other muddy section at far end of the course I tried different line through 3 lap and fell over...running to remount with water over my shoes was crazy fun.

After 2nd lap I saw we were going to do 3 more laps and sort of wished it was less as this is hard. But when as I was finishing my 4th lap and heard someone shout out for Clara (women who upgraded from cat 4 to cat 2 road racing this season..wicked good) I knew I was in danger of being lapped so I pushed hard on the pavement and finished just in front of her for my final lap. The men all came on the course and soon caught me and I said something like I'm still racing so they all backed off but I felt a little self conscious. I kept trying to catch the NEBCer in front of me and would make up some ground then loose some but never caught her but she was a good rabbit to chase.

My asthma didn't like the weather and I was wheezing the whole race but it was manageable.

Can't wait for next race!!!

Most women were 19-35 with a 40, 44, me at 47 and a women who is 67. I beat lots of women in their 20's and early 30's which was kind of nice.
What would you do differently?:

Push harder at start and try to get hole shot so I can be more towards the front at the start. Continue to be smart and use more effort when it will pay off in faster pavement or hard pack dirt/paths.
Post race
Warm down:

Rode a little, then tried to catch my breath and do my inhaler but breathing to labored to hold the inhaled med.

Cool thing about cross is that is super challenging, you have to think and have some strategy, huge adrenal rush with a little danger thrown in but going slow makes it a bit safer, skill of mounts and dismounts and carrying your bike plus your really appeals to me in many levels. You all should try it!

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Trained all year for IM..long steady aerobic work while this is red line hard with varying power effort. I'm getting better at handling and knowing what I can do and how to do things better. This is all about technique and strategy plus hard effort.

Event comments:

Cross racing in the rain and mud is the ultimate let's be like a kid activity..wicked fun! Weather couldn't have been better...raining and 65ish. The mud makes the race challenging going up hill in the mud trying to find the spots where the mud is not deep...interesting and hard..your wheel just spins and you just try to power your way up...each time is like a little stuff!

First two pictures are of other folks..but show conditions pretty well.

Good race for power rider. Going in first group of riders in muddy day made finding good line easier. Nice course and nothing to technical but mud made it more challenging...dry it would be faster course by a lot.

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Subject: Quad Cross 2008 Bedford Springs

2008-10-01 5:46 AM
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Nutmeg State
Subject: RE: Quad Cross 2008 Bedford Springs
Nice job!  Way to conquer something new, especially in a short period of time (plus I love the muddy pictures).
2008-10-01 7:16 AM
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2008-10-01 9:59 AM
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Subject: RE: Quad Cross 2008 Bedford Springs

Great pictures and race report! It makes me want to pick up a cross bike. It sounds like a lot of fun.


2008-10-01 11:02 AM
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Subject: RE: Quad Cross 2008 Bedford Springs
Such JOY! I am excited for you!!! We should chat again soon...
2008-10-01 8:40 PM
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West Chester, Ohio
Subject: RE: Quad Cross 2008 Bedford Springs
Every RR on the cyclo cross shows the contagious feeling of joy in doing it.  Cool.

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