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2009-05-01 8:46 PM

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Subject: Did I have the Swine Flu??

Ok, so I was in Cancun from March 11th and came home on St. Patricks Day, which is a Tuesday.  Thursday night I developed a terrible sore throat, which then progressed to a nausea I had never known before, a 102.5 degree fever, all over body chills that made me feel like I was laying in a meat locker and body aches that felt like I had been beaten with a lead pipe.

By Sunday, it was gone...

Some of my family/friends and my sister doctors (she's a pharmaceutical rep) are now thinking I may have had the swine flu...I told them it was probably just the regular flu, and even though it had been almost 10 years since the last time I had the flu, I still thought it was just regular because several of my co-workers had been out while I was gone with it.

Anywho, I'm fine now, just thought it was interesting that I DID get it coming home from Mexico...kind of make one wonder I guess.

2009-05-01 10:36 PM
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Olathe, KS
Subject: RE: Did I have the Swine Flu??
Quick - cough in an envelope and mail it to me! I want to get this over with and just get it already!
2009-05-01 11:22 PM
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Subject: ...
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2009-05-01 11:59 PM
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Stairway to Seven
Subject: RE: Did I have the Swine Flu??
Well that certainly is a "flu-like" illness that you had. Typically characterized by persistant high fevers and lethargy. Glad you are feeling better. You are now immune, congratulations.
2009-05-02 5:57 AM
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Wallingford, PA
Subject: RE: Did I have the Swine Flu??
I thought the swine flu included respiratory symptoms.... but I could be wrong.
2009-05-02 6:20 AM
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New York, NY
Subject: RE: Did I have the Swine Flu??
Sounds like just one of the viruses that I have been seeing a lot in the office.
In adults, influenza pretty much ALWAYS has respiratory symptoms - cough etc...

2009-05-02 7:20 AM
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Checkin' out the podium girls
Subject: RE: Did I have the Swine Flu??
I had a similar bug on March 2. My wife called the EMT's b/c I passed out from the gastrointestinal distress effort. Wicked body aches: I had pulled my back out shoveling snow and compounded by the virus, I was in agony. Our whole family shared it for a week and 1/2 and it ran it's course.

The ER doc didn't bother running any cultures b/c the initial treatment for viral or bacterial GI illness would be the same.

...I got better...
2009-05-02 7:50 AM
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Subject: RE: Did I have the Swine Flu??
I would go with something viral other than the flu as well. That's not typical symptoms or a typical time course for the flu.
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