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Suffolk County Half Marathon - RunHalf Marathon

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Selden, New York
United States
Suffolk County Half Marathon
32F / 0C
Total Time = 2h 03m 57s
Overall Rank = 264/436
Age Group = 40-44
Age Group Rank = 34/47
Pre-race routine:

Got up around 6:20am packed a bag, had a couple of toasted mini bagels checked the weather hoping for a change in the wind forecast for today but no luck.
Event warmup:

Met Bobby(Dream Chaser) at the College Gym, he introduced me to Steve(Luby), Derek(Sevenride) and Mike(Mscotthall) who happens to live around the corner from me. BS'd with the BT crew for a bit and hung around the gym a little too long.

Began walking out to the starting line messing around w/my Ipod and straightening my race number when I see this giant group of people all running away from me...wait, what? The race started? Was only a couple hundred feet behind the pack so no biggie, jammed my earbuds in(backwards in my left ear as I realized at mile 5), laughed at what a jackass I am and began my race in last place.
  • 2h 03m 57s
  • 13.1 miles
  • 09m 28s  min/mile

Nichols road is longggggg.

When I began the year training for this race, my goal was just to finish but over the last month or so I was really hoping for a sub 2 hours and felt it was probably w/in my grasp as the day started. My last running race was this one last year, but only the 5k portion, so I knew what to expect for the first 3 miles and Bobby gave me a scouting report on the rest.

I consciously tried to keep my pace down for the first couple of miles, I didn't want to panic after my bonehead start and over pace myself just to blow up half way through. Got to the first turnaround at about mile 1.5 feeling great til I made that turn north and damn, I realized how hard that wind was blowing. There were alot of people in front of me that I tried to duck behind to block some of the wind, but since I was so far back, I couldn't find anyone running the same pace.

At mile 3, I checked in with the clock and found out, to my utter disappointment, I was at 29+ minutes. Shit! Really? Felt like I was pushing alot harder than that. With 3+ miles to go into that wind, I began to resign myself that I might not be getting the sub 2 I was hoping for. I also realized that my watch was ~ 30 seconds off of the race clock due to my tardy start. Dammit, now I have to do math :) . At this point, I remembered a note my daughters gave me the night before which said:

"It's ok if you don't come in 1st(yeah like that's gonna happen:) ), your always number one to us". With this new perspective, I carried on.

Next 3+ miles was pretty much more of the same until the turnaround at about mile 6.5. Wow, this felt awesome heading south again, things were looking up heading into mile 7. I decided to just lay it all out and try and get as close as I could to 1:30 by mile 10 and salvage my goal. I ran 8:07, 7:38 and 8:16 for miles 7, 8 and 9 getting me to 1:32 going into the final 5k, pretty much right where I wanted to be but in the back of my mind I knew I emptied the tank over the last few miles and the small climb back to the college.

I started pacing off a girl in the ninth mile that I was pretty certain would get me to the finish line where I wanted to be. I fought the good fight til the final turn around at mile 11.5 and back into the wind. Game Over, couldn’t keep up with pace girl as she went off into the distance and I trudged along to the entrance of the college and the finish line.

What would you do differently?:

Well, getting to the starting line on time might be a good idea :)
I clearly need to work on pacing but the bottom line is this is about where I am. Next year I'll look for a big improvement at this race.
Post race
Warm down:

Sat on the curb for a few minutes had a bannana and some H2O.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

My own stupidity :)

Last updated: 2011-01-10 12:00 AM
02:03:57 | 13.1 miles | 09m 28s  min/mile
Age Group: 34/47
Overall: 264/436
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Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
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2011-03-28 11:22 AM

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Extreme Veteran
Long Island
Subject: Suffolk County Half Marathon

2011-03-28 12:09 PM
in reply to: #3417888

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Subject: RE: Suffolk County Half Marathon

Missed the start??!!!  LOL!!!  NOOooooooo!!!  Sorry to hear that!

I did something similar 2 years ago as part of a relay.  I was the bike man and my swimmer came in while I was busy taking pictures of friends.  I still had my sweats on, no helmet on, etc.  Due to the panic, my heart rate JUMPED and it was hard to get it back down.  Til this day we still laugh at it and it was very memorable.  BONUS: I am sure you won't be late for a race start again!! Wink

I think if you started on time you could have hit your goal!  Next time!  Great job sticking with it and putting forth an AWESOME effort. 

Congrats on your first 1/2 Mary!!

2011-03-28 12:14 PM
in reply to: #3417888

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Subject: RE: Suffolk County Half Marathon
Good report Ted.  First and foremost - your own stupidity didn't limit your potential.  It's not stupidity -- it's called lack of experience.  THIS WAS YOUR FIRST HALF MARATHON!!  Please trust me on this   If you repeatedly make these mistakes again, then yeah - chalk it up to stupidity  

May I make a few suggestions   Get up earlier on Race Mornings.  The body needs time to fully wake up and prepare for a race.  I like to get up a minimum of three hours before a race.  And lastly, give yourself a break.  Credit yourself for the positives.  Dude, that 7:38 8th mile is rockin'!!!  And 8 & 9 were'nt too shabby either.  Care to join Mike & I for the Long Island Half??  It will be warmer, there will be crowds cheering, only one 2 mile section of wind, and just a much more interesting course overall.  If you decide to do it, and focus for the next 4 weeks on running, I would GUARANTEE a sub 2 hr peformance for you

CONGRATS on finishing your first half in less than stellar conditions.  Your daughters should be very proud of their Dad.
2011-03-29 10:50 AM
in reply to: #3417888

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Subject: RE: Suffolk County Half Marathon
Great report and good race! Hilarious about the start but - you made it and finished in good time!!
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