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2006-07-03 5:58 AM
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Collierville, TN
Subject: RE: CajunMan Triathlon
Whew, I am a fellow Denham Springsian and bib number 383. I barely got in.

Thanks Bear for posting the urgency in registering.

2006-07-21 7:42 AM
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Lafayette, La
Subject: RE: CajunMan Triathlon
I registered a while back. Cannot wait for the race. My goal is just to finish. This will be my first one. I was going to do it last year but we all know how that went. But hey, I lost 30 pounds training so it was okay in the end.
2006-08-06 9:03 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Denham Springs
Subject: RE: CajunMan Triathlon

I don't know what my times were for Rivercites.... but my new goal is to be faster in all three areas...not just one.....


I know, dream big



2006-08-29 3:17 PM
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Resident Curmudgeon
The Road Back
Gold member
Subject: CajunMan: Swim Waves and Other updates

Race site has posted the swim wave start times. Old guys get to go first, and look what color swim cap we wear!



Age / Sex Group

Swim Cap Color

1st Wave


Male 50 and older + Relay


2nd Wave


Male 40 – 49


3rd Wave


Male 30 – 39


4th Wave


Male 29 and under


5th Wave




Rusty Bex, race director, addressed our fledgling tri club last night to give us a preview of what to expect. Biggest news was that they have moved the transition area onto the airport grounds, thus, due to security concerns, no one except participants will be allowed in. There will be a longer run from the swim exit to transition, but that means a shorter run with the bike to the mount line. Racks are assigned, seven bikes to the rack, but position on the rack is first-come, first-serve.

He's still working out details and hoping that the swim will be the traditional triangular swim, but there remains a chance that it will be a point-to-point course. Biggest hardship here is that everyone will have to walk the half mile or so to the swim start.

As you would expect, Rusty strongly recommends that you pick up your packet on Saturday rather than wait until Sunday morning. I'll probably hit lunch around noon, then go pick up mine. Lots of sales going on at the two bigger bike shops in town and at Tri Running, the packet pickup site.

Our tri club will ride the bike route at 7:30 am this Saturday (9/2). If anyone wants to join us we're meeting at the Cypress Tree Inn adjacent to the race site. I'll probably leave from the house at 6am to get in an extra 30 miles.

Also, if anyone wants to get together for dinner the night before the race, let mama bear and I know. We can cook meatballs and spaghetti and Chicken Parmesan, or we can go out to eat.



2006-09-07 6:38 PM
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New Orleans
Subject: RE: CajunMan Triathlon

Well, I'm officially out. Hate to miss this one too, being that it is one of the closer races to NOLA. But I hope you guys all have fun and have a great race.

If anyone wants to claim they are me to have my swag, have at it.

Good luck everyone!

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