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The Cowtown - Half Marathon - RunHalf Marathon

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Fort Worth, Texas
United States
The Cowtown
60F / 16C
Total Time = 2h 34m 55s
Overall Rank = /
Age Group =
Age Group Rank = 0/
Pre-race routine:

My 5th (and probably last) year at this race. It all started with a bucket-list-oh-crap-I'm-turning-30 idea four years ago when I ran my first marathon here on my 30th birthday. I had no idea they were starting the 5-year medal plan that year, but I've been back in some fashion ever since to get the medals. Marketing geniuses.

LindaKC accompanied me this year and it was doubtful we would make it as we got dumped with 14 inches of snow just 2 days before we were scheduled to head to Texas. Luckily with a little sun, rock salt, (broken) snow shovels and adventurous minds - we unearthed ourselves and made it to Texas.

Ate dinner the night before at Texas Roadhouse so I could get some chicken, veggies and a sweet potato. Good food; hectic atmosphere.

Up at 5 a.m. and out the door by 5:30 to get a good parking spot. Chilled in the car and headed out around 6:15 to potty and find the corral.
Event warmup:

Light stretching in the convention center and shivering in the 40-degree pre-sun temps.
  • 2h 34m 55s
  • 13.1 miles
  • 11m 50s  min/mile

Linda and I decided to run together, even though I'm much slower than her :) - we just wanted to enjoy the race and not hurt anything before launching in to Vineman Full training in a few weeks.

The first ~3 miles my legs were stiff and heavy. Every time I looked at my Garmin we were running 11+ minute miles, which just did not match up with how I FELT I was running. Oh well - just keep running!

Miles 3-8 I felt a little better, getting into a groove. Started nutrition around mile 4, eating either a medjool date or a piece of turkey jerky every 2 miles. Worked PERFECT. Just water at the aid stations. Kicking myself for not bringing my hand-held water bottle as I was markedly thirsty the entire race. I also forgot to bring my ear buds so this was different just chatting with Linda and listening to the live bands - worked out well!

Miles 8-10 were my low point. I started to hurt - mostly my feet and right knee (due for new shoes). Shin pain went away after mile 3 - and I was wearing calf sleeves; I think that helped a lot.

In miles 9, 10, 11 we walked up the 2nd half of the hills and took a little more time at aid stations. But for the most part we were slogging away pretty good.

I noted out loud that I was going to take a walk break once we hit mile 12, but when we did we were on a long downhill so I just kept going. I felt better and better and didn't end up stopping till the finish line. Proud of that!
What would you do differently?:

Oh I dunno, train?
Post race
Warm down:

Proudly received the last medal to complete my Texas Star and we were herded into the barns for athlete food and shirts and such. For some reason traffic was completely STOPPED and we had to wait something like 15 minutes at a stand still! This was frustrating as we were kind of on a schedule to beat an impending snow storm back to Kansas.

While in line I ate the rest of my dates and jerky on me and I just took a banana at the food station (it was SO good!). Finally we got our shirts (SO cute this year - hot pink!) and made our way to the car, then hotel, then Chipotle, then Kansas.

Really enjoyed my 5 years at this race, but might be searching around for some new scenery next year.

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02:34:55 | 13.1 miles | 11m 50s  min/mile
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Overall: Average
Mental exertion [1-5] 3
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2013-02-25 12:14 PM

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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: The Cowtown - Half Marathon

2013-02-25 1:33 PM
in reply to: #4636143

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Subject: RE: The Cowtown - Half Marathon

Very cool medal set.  I was wondering yesterday if you made it to the race successfully.  I was pretty sure that the travel was more questionable that the race itself.  You always say you love to race.  Good job.


2013-02-25 1:33 PM
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Subject: RE: The Cowtown - Half Marathon
Great job Lisa!
2013-02-25 1:59 PM
in reply to: #4636326

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Subject: RE: The Cowtown - Half Marathon
Love the finished medal set!  Great job, and glad you were able to get out of the driveway to go.
2013-02-25 2:06 PM
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Subject: RE: The Cowtown - Half Marathon
So glad you made it safely there are back. I kept thinking how sad it would've been if you'd missed your last point on the star. I need to find a race with hot pink shirts. Sounds cute! Oh, and the important part, I guess, "Nice run".
2013-02-25 3:18 PM
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Subject: RE: The Cowtown - Half Marathon

glad you made it. sounds like this last one was tough before the race ever started.

Congrats to a fellow 5 year vet. I am for sure done with this race though. On to something new!

2013-02-25 4:20 PM
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Central Kansas
Subject: RE: The Cowtown - Half Marathon
Nicely done. I am glad you all made it back before this nasty round of weather.
2013-02-25 7:09 PM
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Subject: RE: The Cowtown - Half Marathon
Happy to hear you guys made it and congrats on the 5 yrs. I had a great group to pace (as every year) and got a few to new PRs and a first time HM runner in under their goal! So all in all great day!
2013-02-26 10:33 AM
in reply to: #4636143

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Crab Cake City
Subject: RE: The Cowtown - Half Marathon
Well done Lisa! really cool medal and you are right, marketing genius. Good luck with your Vineman training this year.
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