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2013-06-12 6:17 PM


Subject: Tri Kit or Separates and Recomendations
I've done a couple of events before without the swim portion. For my last event I wore my cycling shorts and a cycling shirt. It worked OK, but wasn't great for the run and I didn't have to try and swim in it.

I'm getting ready to do my first triathlon in a month, and I'm wondering what to get. Do you recommend separates or a full suit (sprint tri) and what brands are good for beginners? I have no familiarity with any of the brands except Castelli and Pearl Izumi.


2013-06-12 9:29 PM
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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: Tri Kit or Separates and Recomendations
when i started racing last year i got a one piece, this year i got a two piece. i like the two piece better since i can use it for every distance and its easy for pre race bathroom breaks.

i've tried sugoi and pearl izumi tri clothing, and i won't wear anything but pearl izumi. some of their stuff is a little pricey, but its a quality product. i've found as far as cycling/running/tri apparel goes you get what you pay for. also their pro line tri clothing supposedly reduces your friction in the water for those swims that are too warm for a wet suit.
2013-06-13 11:11 AM
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N Carolina
Subject: RE: Tri Kit or Separates and Recomendations
The answer to 1 piece or 2 piece is going to vary from individual to individual. I originally raced in a 2 piece but I like a 1 piece better now. The 2 piece is easier for bathroom breaks, but I don't find the 1 piece all that complicated to get on & off. You will only know which you like better after you try both.

Two brands I like are Sugoi and Orca. Others like TYR or DeSoto better. And I've got a Louis Garneau (LG) 1 piece that I really like.
2013-06-13 12:10 PM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Tri Kit or Separates and Recomendations

With my stocky build and short legs (5'-7" with a 46" chest) separates are the only way to go to get something that fits.  One-piece stuff just doesn't fit me (including wet suits).   Depending on the brand, I normally wear a pair of large tri-shorts along with an XL or XXL top.

I've used Zoot, and LG gear in the past and have worn 2XU tops and shorts for the last two years.  No complaints about any of it; you should be OK as long as you stick to name brands.

Different brands may fit differently, so it's good to try stuff on before you buy it.  If you're buying from an online vendor, check beforehand to see what their return policy is.  Many places will allow you to return stuff to exchange sizes as long as you leave the tags on. 


2013-06-13 1:42 PM
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Twin Cities
Subject: RE: Tri Kit or Separates and Recomendations
I prefer two separate pieces: shorties for the bottom and either a tri top or just a sport bra (depending on the weather) on top. Logisically, it's easier. Plus, two pieces are more versatile--I can wear them for other things. They also fit my proportions better. And, really, one piece tri suits are just ugly. I don't care what kind of build you have. They are just universally heinous looking. :D

As far as just have to find what fits you and what you like. I currently have a Sugoi top and Zoot bottoms, but Zoot is not usually my first choice. (Sugoi is, for tri shorts, anyway) Lot of personal preference, really.
2013-06-13 2:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri Kit or Separates and Recomendations

this is one of those 'personal preference' things.

I find a onsey feels faster.  no wrinkes, no binding at the waist, no sunburn on your lower back.

If the extra few seconds it takes to pull down the top to pee matters to you that much- then get a two piece.  However- it's really not that hard to do and can be done while running, so by the time you stop- the upper part of the suit is already around your waist.  But- no doubt a two piece is more convenient in that regard.

I've got a Zoot Ultra Race suit and a new Pearl Izumi Octane that I haven't raced in yet.  Looking foward to trying it out.

For just cycling, I started out using shorts.  then fell in love with bib-shorts.  now, unless it's a long ride, I just use regular cycling shorts.  easier and more convenient.

there's no right or wrong answer.  it's whatever you prefer.

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