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2013-06-25 3:27 PM

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Burlington, Vermont
Subject: Nutrition on the Run
I'm a fairly experienced marathoner and have my nutrition nailed down for a stand alone race. In average weather conditions, I'll take a Hammer Gel every 4.5 miles and drink only water. I may or may not take the 5th gel, depending on how my race is going. I alternate caffeinated with non-caffeinated options.

I'm dialing in my nutrition on the bike as I train for my first Ironman (Lake Placed on July 28th). I'm taking in a mixture of Perpetuem (400 cal per bottle that will last anywhere from 60-90 minutes), Hammer Gels, and the occasional Snickers (that I'll have in my special needs bag should I feel like one). My pre-ride breakfasts usually total around 800 cal. I feel well nourished on the bike and have completed multiple rides in the 80-95 mile range. This Saturday, I'll ride around 105-110 and do not anticipate any concerns given how well my nutrition is going.

But for the race ... should I plan my run nutrition any differently? My current plan is to carry a handheld with 5 Hammer Gels. I'll refill the handheld (water) with water as it drains and drink according to my normal routine for a marathon. I've used S-Caps in the past on particularly hot days and feel comfortable with working them into the mix if I need to.

Is this a short-sighted run plan? That's only 450 calories for the run. It's what I normally do for a marathon, but I'll be more depleted at the start than what is typical. I don't want to run with Perpetuem ... Hammer Gels are about all I've can tolerate without developing GI issues while running. I've only done one brick run following a long ride (6 miles) and felt fine. I completed a 17 miler this past Sunday with only one gel and can usually go for as long as 15 without any water or nutrition (unless it's hot/humid).

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. I'll be around 185 (6'2") on race day. 46 years old if that matters.

2013-06-25 4:08 PM
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Scottsdale, AZ
Subject: RE: Nutrition on the Run
Stick to whatever has worked for you on the run in races and in training. If you're still worried, I would suggest experimenting over your next couple long runs with some of the nutrition that will be on the run course (can be found in the Athlete's Guide). Usually bananas, chicken broth, potato chips, Perform, cola, etc. That way you'll know what you can stomach if you're in dire need of calories. At a minimum you should put extra Hammer Gels in your special needs bag (run).

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