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Subject: Scott T2 Evo
Anybody have any experience with the Scott T2 Evo running shoes. I was actually loaned a pair by a friend who has a running store to try out for a demo run and see if I liked them. Will take them out for maybe 4-6 miles on Wednesday.

I've been running in Newtons and then Brooks Pure Cadence for the last couple years, all pretty light 4 mm drop not a lot of cushioning. My latest pair of PureCadence is pretty worn out. Was looking at the Saucony Kinvara 4 maybe to stay in the same kind of 4mm offset when he loaned me the Scotts. It is 8 mm and not sure of the impact of going back up to a higher offset heal but seems pretty light and cushiony so it has me curious.

Wondering if anybody has any experience in how they perform and their durability. How long they last. My main beef with Brooks was how fast the shoes wear out. Don't run sockless but if the Scotts work out maybe I try to transition to it.
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