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2013-07-09 11:24 AM

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Subject: hey huntsville area peeps...
i've got a 15 dollar gift card for fleet feet sports in you're town. i received it at a local 70.3 for crushing the fat guys division. (ok second place but still, i looked really good up there on the podium) it expires 10.7 and i won't be over there by then.

if anyone wants it pm me your address. first pm i receive gets it. i don't want anything for it.

and a&m is gonna crush roll tide in September! (and auburn in october... wait, does auburn still have a football team?)


2013-07-12 9:49 AM
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Subject: RE: hey huntsville area peeps...
Still got it? If so I'll take it. We have a Fleet feet in bham. Cant seem to get messenger to work...
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