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2013-07-21 9:40 AM

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Subject: Motivation vs. being gentle with yourself
I use to blindly follow my training. I had never skipped a training session. It did not matter if I did not sleep much, if I had cold etc.;only injuries would stop me from training.
I loved all mantras based and being or becoming tough. I always proud myself on being very disciplined and persistent, no matter what.

However they are times when one needs to be more gentle with him/herself. Unfortunately, I do have belief that if you I'm gentle with myself I cannot be motivated enough or not all I can be?

At the moment when I cannot really to my potential, so I do not know to motivate myself.

How do you motivate yourself at time when you cannot train/do things the way you would like them to do. How do you stay satisfied /happy with yourself?

2013-07-21 9:44 AM
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Wendell, NC
Subject: RE: Motivation vs. being gentle with yourself
It's tough to give yourself a break sometimes. Today was my first DNS due to vomiting all night after eating some week old salmon that didn't smell THAT bad. Sometimes the motivator voice can't tell the difference from the whiney/lazy voice and the reasonable/safety voice.

Yes, I've several voices in my head
2013-07-21 10:22 AM
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2013-07-21 10:48 AM
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Subject: RE: Motivation vs. being gentle with yourself
Just be objective. Sit back, take the emotions out of it, and make a dead-honest assessment of what you can realistically accomplish in the next season given your life constraints. Shoot high, but be realistic.

Happened to me when we had a new baby, who pretty much barely slept for 7 months. I consider myself extremely motivated for training (4AM workouts are routine for me if that's the only available time) but with pretty much zero nights of more than 3 hours of contiguous sleep for months, I quickly realized that I'd have to readjust my expectations, and I switched my "A" race from a half-ironman to a measly local 5k.

I still trained as hard as I could, but it was pretty limited during that time. And yes, it's a bit disappointing when you can't PR the first time, but it gets exciting again the next time around when you can try and beat that time on your next one.
2013-07-21 10:52 AM
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Subject: RE: Motivation vs. being gentle with yourself

Training goals help with that.. and a training plan.. which should include through out the year times that are high volume.. and lower volume. I try to stick with the plan. That way I don't have to think about anything.

My biggest challenge is the voice in my head.. the less I have to talk to it.. the better. 

2013-07-21 10:59 AM
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