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2013-07-25 7:51 PM


Subject: Business Venture Feedback
Hello everyone! Your feedback on a possible venture that I am looking into doing would be greatly appreciated. I am wanting to open up a Swim Studeo and indoor training for triathletes. This would be a place where triathletes can train year-round and receive personal instruction. We would offer an endless pool, 2-4 stations of -- Vasa Swim Ergometer's, CompuTrainer's, and treadmill's. Training and race equipment would be available for sale. You would be able to try on and test swim wear in the endless pool. Personal swim instruction would be available, with the option of video analysis. I have a strong background in swimming and planning on bringing somebody in for cycling and running. Main questions is if you would use a specialized place like this or do you do most of your training at big gym or on your own.

The stations would give you the ability to do a wide range of triathlons indoors. We have even thought about hosting modified competitions that a person could use in their training. This would be a great way for newcomers to see what triathlons are all about. Thoughts and ideas. Would this be a good idea or bad idea?

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2013-07-25 9:03 PM
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Shawnee, KS
Subject: RE: Business Venture Feedback
For me, it would depend on proximity to myself. I train as much as i can on my own outdoors or at the pool at lifetime fitness in lenexa, as it is 5 miles away. I would certainly be open to a facility like this if it was close, but it would probably be more of a every once in a while/special occasion type thing.
2013-07-25 9:40 PM
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Prairie Village, Kansas
Subject: RE: Business Venture Feedback
I think a computrainer class would be pretty awesome. Maybe stream each rider's power output to a large screen so you can make it sort of a contest/race. I'd be interested in that. I also went to a shop in Dallas this summer that did video analysis in the endless pool. Seemed pretty awesome, if the price was right. I honestly would't be there daily, but would consider coming to a good class every once in awhile.
2013-07-27 9:27 PM
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Subject: RE: Business Venture Feedback
My husband and I would travel down there for swim video analysis and instruction! Sounds great to me!
2013-07-29 10:24 PM
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Wichita, KS
Subject: RE: Business Venture Feedback
I'd love a place that had Tri specific equipment, coaches, and athletes. If it was close, I'd make it my gym. I train probably >30% indoors due to weather, time of day, being on call, etc.
2013-08-01 1:00 PM
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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: RE: Business Venture Feedback

The only part I could see myself maybe using would be the Computrainer if it had my race loaded and I could "pre-ride" the bike course. 

Otherwise I swim at my local YMCA (cheap) and am not in the market for swim instruction, bike outdoors or on my trainer (free) and run outdoors (free).

But I've been doing this for a long time. I can see how it would be appealing to a newbie with lots of disposable income.

2013-08-04 5:52 PM
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Lenexa, KS
Subject: RE: Business Venture Feedback
My main thoughts on your idea are it sounds good, but is it really practical? I'd possibly be in the market for such a place at the right price since triathlon is my only sport and pretty much my life as I work towards becoming a pro and continuing to kill myself for no reason besides my enduring love of the sport (maybe I should get checked out?). However, I'm not sure how large a constituency of triathlon only athletes is.

However, I do most of my training on my own and only really need a gym for a pool. I'm personally not really interested in doing workouts in an endless pool so the draw for me would have to be the computrainer access without a 25 meter pool. How much would I be willing to pay for the access to a computrainer? Maybe $20-25/month if I had unlimited time on it (I only bike a few days a week). The reason is I already have a trainer I paid good money for so I don't know if I could justify the extra expense on an already stretched triathlon budget.

As a fellow entrepreneur/business enthusiast I'd urge you to find a way to make a mock test of your idea and see how many people are willing to sign up for a membership at whatever your needed rate is. It's one thing to ask a group of people an idea and they say "Yeah that's a great idea." It's a whole other ball game for people to say "Yeah, that's a great idea, here's my credit card when can I have it/sign up/etc." Businesses born of a need that provide a solution succeed when run properly, the crux of the test is finding out if you are creating value or simply creating.
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