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Subject: Maximize your run with the new Polar Bluetooth Smart Stride Sensor
Capture intelligent training data with the Polar Beat mobile app and the Bluetooth Smart Stride Sensor. The new stride sensor, the first of its kind, accurately measures each stride you take to show your running speed and distance(indoors or out) & transmits the data real time to a smart phone or Bluetooth Smart enabled device.

Some product features include:
- Measures real-time speed and distance when paired with a Bluetooth Smart ready device and a mobile training app such as Polar Beat
- Ideal for running on an indoor track, treadmill, trails and in cities with GPS interference
- Helps improve your running technique by showing your running cadence and stride length on
- Helps improve your running efficiency when connected with the Running Index upgrade within Polar Beat
- Lets you analyze and share your data via mobile training applications in smartphones, tablets or any Bluetooth Smart ready devices
- Shock and water resistant

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BT Development New Products and Sales! » Maximize your run with the new Polar Bluetooth Smart Stride Sensor Rss Feed  

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