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Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic Triathlon - Triathlon

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Columbus, Georgia
United States
85F / 29C
Total Time = 2h 49m 34s
Overall Rank = /
Age Group = 50 - 54 M
Age Group Rank = 9/15
Pre-race routine:

Woke up at 1:30, got up at 2:30 because I couldn't sleep, I was thinking how to start the swim since I'm such a poor swimmer. Then I ate breakfast of oatmeal, tofu all mixed together, coffee and pre-workout drink.
Event warmup:

Just set up transition, walked around, I did get in the water and swim maybe 30 yards
  • 34m
  • 1500 meters
  • 02m 16s / 100 meters

I was in the 1st wave which I hated because I knew everyone would swim over me, so I let the group leave the dock before me, they dove in and I hopped in after everyone had gone. The 1st 50 yards or so was fine, then I started thinking I could not touch bottom so I started swimming to the edge so I could stand up in needed. That was a big mistake because, now I'm not in the current but fighting the "eddies" and back flow. I made it to the exit in 7 minutes but rounding the exit and getting up the ramp, the final 50 yards took 10 minutes, as wife and son were timing me. they thought I had either drown or withdrawn from the race. I finally got out and my son had shoes waiting for me to run back to the start to swim again. I apologized to son for being so slow. It tooks some real soul searching to get back in the water. I swam again and still I had to hold onto pilings etc etc but finally made it as I was almost the last one out of the water, out of everyone even the ones who started later than me. I was totally embarassed.
What would you do differently?:

I don' know, I can swim much better than that in a pool, just practice more, get more confidence. I'm open for advice.
Transition 1
  • 04m

Instead of puting on my helmet I put on visor, I did stop to put on sock and shoes, then somehow the strap on my bike shoes came undone and I had to stop and put the strap back thru the strap holder.

I had food to eat but forgot it
What would you do differently?:

  • 1h 16m 47s
  • 25 miles
  • 19.67 mile/hr

The bike ride was really a good and fun ride. Since this was my 1st Oly distance, I wasn't quite sure how to pace. I paced about 75% effort and I could bump it up a little if I do another one.
I felt I rode a fairly smart ride for me. I had just 2 issues and if I had swam faster they would not have been an issue so it is my fault 1) I was behind a lady that decided to brake going down a hill and a car was behind her so I couldn't pass. 2) A lady decided to really go slow across a wood bridge and I tried to pass at the front of it but there was a huge medal pole there. As I started to pass another group of riders not in the race were coming toward me so I slammed on brakes and slammed into the medal pole. I'm just glad I took the hit to the pole and not my bike.
What would you do differently?:

Swim faster so I'm not behind so many people
Transition 2
  • 01m 8s

Again I forgot the food in transition
What would you do differently?:

Hurry and not be so stupid
  • 53m 40s
  • 6.2 miles
  • 08m 41s  min/mile

I was pleased with the run until mile 5. At mile 5, I just bonked. I do not remember from mile 5 until the finish, I just know no one passed me until mile 5, then the flood gates opened. I was doing lots of walking and I was getting chills.
What would you do differently?:

i need to get in a LOT better shape. I have been running up to 7 miles 1X per week and a lot of 3 - 5 miles runs, but i need to turn it up to a lot of 4 - 6 mile runs with more 9-10 miles runs mixed in.
Post race
Warm down:

Got a quick snack, stretched and looked for family. Went to transition to get my stuff.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

the swim was the main factor, this was my 1st Oly and only my 3rd Tri but the swim takes all the fun out of it. If the swim does not improve, I'm not sure how many more I will do. I was so dissappointed in the swim, if crying would help....

Event comments:

The took the swim into consideration as being dangerous in the high water. They had lots of volunteers and a very well run race.

Last updated: 2013-07-10 12:00 AM
00:34:00 | 1500 meters | 02m 16s / 100meters
Age Group: 14/15
Overall: 154/
Performance: Bad
Suit: tri suit
Course: This course was supposed to be 1500 meters but instead due to water being so high, we swam 500, got out ran back 500 and swam again.
Start type: Dive Plus: Waves
Water temp: 84F / 29C Current: Low
200M Perf. Bad Remainder: Bad
Breathing: Bad Drafting: Bad
Waves: Bad Navigation: Average
Rounding: Bad
Time: 04:00
Performance: Bad
Cap removal: Good Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? Run with bike: Yes
Jump on bike: No
Getting up to speed: Average
01:16:47 | 25 miles | 19.67 mile/hr
Age Group: 0/15
Overall: 0/
Performance: Good
Wind: Little
Course: loop, the courswe was fairly flat and a really fun ride
Road: Smooth  Cadence:
Turns: Good Cornering: Good
Gear changes: Good Hills: Good
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Just right
Time: 01:08
Overall: Below average
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike
Running with bike Average
Racking bike Average
Shoe and helmet removal Below average
00:53:40 | 06.2 miles | 08m 41s  min/mile
Age Group: 0/15
Overall: 0/
Performance: Below average
Course: 1st part had a lot os small continuous hills, the rest was fairly flat but it was hot, about 85 I would guess.
Keeping cool Average Drinking Not enough
Post race
Weight change: %
Mental exertion [1-5]
Physical exertion [1-5] 3
Good race?
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 5

2013-08-12 7:14 AM

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Subject: Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic Triathlon

2013-08-12 7:36 AM
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Cairo, GA
Subject: RE: Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic Triathlon

Karl - You finished! That's what counts. I did 5 sprints before I stepped up to an Oly and it was b/c of the swim. I have also learned to stop drinking pre workout before the swim. Going to send you a personal message about that.

I think you did awesome. You guys were long gone when we were still playing in the water fountain watching people coming through the finish line.

As for bonking..... I forced my self to eat while riding b/c I knew if I didn't consume anything but liquid calories that I would bonk too. You had your pop tarts, you were supposed to eat them.

2013-08-13 7:24 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Tallahassee, Florida
Subject: RE: Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic Triathlon
Karl, you did so good on the race. Yep, the swim was bad but you learned from it and now know to never swim near the shore. I admire you and I'm proud of you for not only hanging in there but going back into that dreaded water the 2nd time. You slayed the bike - even with the crash. You did great for your first OLY!!!!!! You are conquering your demons while I'm just watching from the sidelines.

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