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2013-09-03 2:21 PM

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Belleville, MI
Subject: Caseville Half Ironman
Has anyone done this race? If so, was it a good event? etc?


2013-09-04 7:24 AM
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Clio, MIchigan
Subject: RE: Caseville Half Ironman

I did it this past year, it was a fun event.  I will likely do it again next year but maybe as a "B" race.  The race organizaiton is really good, there were a couple issues with the race:

The swim:  Lake Huron was really low this year (and last year), not much that can be done about that, but the swim start was 1/4 mile off shore, which put you into about chest deep water.  This meant that you also had about a 1/8mile wade back into shore at the end of the swim. 

The bike: nice course, went right up the shoreline. 

The run: course changed the day before as it was supposed to be 90 and sunny and the original run course was down a road with no shade.  They moved it to a nicely shaded road, however the road after about the 3rd mile became sand and was an un maintained 2 track.  The sand kind of sucked, about 8miles worth of suck, but it was much nicer than running in the sun.  The only bad part was, the aid stations were further spaced apart than what was in the athlete guide.  They also seemed to run out of sponges for the later finishers.  That was my only complaint.  If its gonna be that hot, make sure you have adequate support.

They took the criticism and were open to all feedback, since this was the first year for the half, i'll try it again next year and see how it goes.

2013-09-05 5:05 PM
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Subject: RE: Caseville Half Ironman
Can't say I've done the race, but have done a race by the Tri To Finish organizers and they are really working hard to make their races stand out as top notch. They have some great venues and I think (I hope) will be better alternatives to some of the other events out there.
2013-09-11 12:53 PM
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Canton, Michigan
Subject: RE: Caseville Half Ironman

I enjoyed the course overall, the run as mentioned sucked the life out of you due to the sand, but going through the nice tree lined forest made for a nice run and kept things cooler.  The last two miles of pavement on the run were tough due to the heat.

The bike was a real nice ride but I wish they would have trained there volunteers better as all I need is water at an aid station and the volunteers only had Garorade's in their hands and the water was way out of position so I didn't feel like stopping and waiting so I continued on.  They could have used an aid station on the half course at the turnaround near the state park, or just due away with the one near the turnaround near the county park, then half riders would get aid twice while on the bike and not just once.

The swim seemed a bit long, then with the added walking back in added some more time too.

The Oly run course was way long, according to my Garmin the turnaround was at 4.55 miles, I was so glad the half run wasn't long as it would made for an even more brutal day.  Those kind of mistakes are truly inexcusable, but they did own up to it and try to make things right for those that did the Oly. 

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