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2013-09-04 12:38 PM

Subject: Food making me nauseous
Last year when I trained for B2B half, I remember that I lost my appetite and had to make myself eat. This year training for Augusta, food is making me nauseous. When I force myself to eat, I have a "sinking" feeling and get slightly dizzy like I'm really hungover. I'm eating less than I normally do when training 8-9 hrs doing 11-12.

I'm pushing harder in my workouts this year but feel strong before, during and after. If it was going too hard, I would expect my workouts to reflect that.

Urinating normally, so don't think hydration is an issue. I certainly can stand to loose another 5 lbs but this just isn't right. I usually have a VERY good appetite. Any ideas?

2013-09-04 12:46 PM
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Subject: RE: Food making me nauseous
could it be something you are eating when you do eat that is causing issues? or maybe lacking in some kind of vitamin defincidncy that is causing it?
2013-09-04 1:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Food making me nauseous

So when you eat, you're making others sick;P

2013-09-05 7:31 AM
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Saigon, Vietnam
Subject: RE: Food making me nauseous
One thing I can think of is a blood sugar issue. Maybe you're training so hard on insufficient fuel that you're starting with really low levels, and then eating a lot of stuff with a high glycemic index which causes your blood sugar to spike? For someone prone to swings, that can be a shock to the system. I know I can't start after a hard workout with something really sweet like a dessert or I will get nauseous. Usually something with a mix of simple and complex carbs, some protein and healthy fat, like a bowl of muesli/granola with nuts, fruit, and plain yogurt, or peanut butter and bananas on whole wheat toast, goes down well.

Another possibility is that you're just eating too much too soon, especially if it's hot. Sometimes after a hard effort, especially in cool weather, I need to cool down and rest a while first before I want to think about eating. It's particularly true with running in the heat.

Finally, maybe it's your body's way of telling you you're overtraining? Everyone responds to training stress differently--when I was running at a high level I rarely got the typical signs like soreness, elevated heart rate, struggling with workouts; I'd just suddenly get violent chills, sometimes hours after the workout. It's always been how my body says, "Enough, already! We need a break!" Maybe the nausea and loss of appetite is yours.

One last possibility, if you're female. Could you be pregnant??? I've had running friends who reported similar stuff very early on.....

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Subject: RE: Food making me nauseous
Do you log your food so you know what your caloric intake actually is? Perhaps it is not as low as you assume? Are you trying to eat a full meal right after your workout?

If I have a particularly intense training day, or even just a steady slow pace but high volume day, I won't have an appetite to eat afterwards. In general, my stomach doesn't feel ready to absorb food so I'll only eat something small like a banana or cliff bar right after a workout. At some point later (usually 45-60min) I'll start to feel hungry and at that time is when I'll eat my meal.
2013-09-05 9:23 AM
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Subject: RE: Food making me nauseous
i'm reading the Paleo Diet for Athletes right now and he actually addresses nausea in one of the early chapters...while his focus is on during exercise - he mentions 5 possible causes, plus a catch all

Poor Pacing - going too fast/hard during your workouts and taking in food - so your digestive track can't process what it has taken in
Excessive Fluids
Excessive Nutrients - more nutrients, longer it takes to process
Saltwater Ingestion
or None of the above (aka, the catch all)

i can try to copy/scan these pages and send to you if you want to read

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