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2013-09-05 10:15 AM

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Subject: First triathlon
Hi everyone,

My name is Cruz, I kicked around the idea of starting to train for an ironman triathlon a few months ago. Just after I started I was in a rapelling accident in which I fell 45 feet and landed flat on my back, among my other injuries I received a burst fracture on my L1 and the bone fragments punctured my spinal cord. One month after the injury I am walking fine and going to school, I realize that my recovery( the ability to walk again) isn't typical of SCI patients so I was thinking of trying to participate in the redman ironman triathlon one year from this month and trying to fundraise for SCI patients since I did get so lucky. I'm going to ask my doctors if this could reinsure my back of course, but what do you all think? I was In great shape before the accident but due to severe muscle atrophy and having my back muscles severed in surgery I'm very weak now.

2013-09-05 9:23 PM
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Subject: RE: First triathlon
Hello Cruz and welcome to BT. First things first, it sounds as if you have made a remarkable recovery after a very serious injury. That is certainly something to be grateful for. No doubt you have worked very hard to get this far. Having a goal and fundraising to help others can be a very motivating and rewarding way to continue that progress. While I can't say whether an IM is the best race goal for you, I would encourage you to work with your healthcare support (Drs, PTs, OTs etc) in whatever type of activity or race distance you choose to pursue. BT can be a terrific resource for you as you work towards that goal. There are training plans, mentor groups and discussion forums. Read, ask questions and join the community. Good luck with your continue recovery and future racing. 
2013-09-06 8:59 AM
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Subject: RE: First triathlon
Congrats on your recovery. I agree that you are incredibly lucky and it's cool that you are trying to raise money to help those less fortunate.

As for your dreams of competing in an ironman - have you done any triathlons since your fall. I might train for a short one to see how your body reacts and then make a decision based upon how you do and how much you enjoy the experience. For the record - I think anything is possible and I wish you the best of luck!
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