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2013-09-29 6:18 AM
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Subject: RE: Is there such thing as running TOO slow?
There is no such thing as too slow as long as your running form is not altered by the slower pace. I run my easy runs at your pace all the time and sometimes even slower and typically run between 80-100 mpw. I started slowing down my easy days this year and have pr'd at every distance I have raced this year. It really makes a difference if you are running high weekly miles to make those easy days easy so you can hit your speed work days with a venegance. My marathon pr this year is a 3:24 on a hot day in June and a hilly course at the Ann Arbor marathon. I am sure I will get a sub 3:20 in some cooler weather this fall and I attribute it to slowing down on the easy days while running higher milage. My endurance has greatly improved and not to mention with the higher mileage come a higher risk of injury if you push too hard all the time.

2013-09-29 6:41 AM
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Saigon, Vietnam
Subject: RE: Is there such thing as running TOO slow?
You could always do what I do--just run for time (and not track distance) on your easy runs, so you don't have to worry about it. There's no law that says just because you can get data that you have to. Actually I do this for most of my runs and always have. I do check periodically with the HRM (and sometimes the Garmin for speedwork) to make sure I'm in the ballpark.
2013-09-29 9:30 AM
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Subject: RE: Is there such thing as running TOO slow?
Originally posted by gsmacleod
Originally posted by AsalzwedWith that being said, do you feel it is better to run a little less mileage at the prescribed pace or is it more beneficial to keep the mileage a little higher and let the rest of the paces fall where they will, so long as I'm executing my key workouts?* I should note that although I don't consider my long run a "quality" workout, I run it at a much more acceptable "easy" pace.
As long as you are able to hit your key runs at an appropriate level and have the time, I would normally go with higher volume at a slightly lower pace. In the words of a wise man, "more is more - until it's too much." The trick is finding out what level of more is right for you - good luck!Shane
Perfect. Thanks and thanks to everyone else for your responses!
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