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2013-10-02 7:57 PM

Subject: New to Texas
Hey yall! After 8 years of living outside the great state of Texas, I've finally moved home....sort of. I grew up in the Dallas area but find myself in Houston now. To be exact, I am in the Webster/Friendswood area. I used to train a lot more than I do now. In addition to our cross country move (came from MI), my wife and I have a recent addition to the family (3 month old little girl )

Anyway, I'm looking to get back into it. I've put on a few pounds with the stress of moving, and I am unfamiliar on where a good place to swim or bike. Where I was I had a nice 30 mile (one way) rail trail that I could bike on without worries. Here, I am completely nervous riding on roads mainly. I also would like to meet people who are into tri's and such.

Anyone around this area?

2013-10-02 8:32 PM
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Houston, Texas
Subject: RE: New to Texas

I'm in League City, so not far from Webster.  We have a good Master's group that swims at The Fitness Center (five sessions a week, many triathletes).  For open water swimming, there are a few lakes (Twin Lakes, 288) that people frequent often.  

For riding, I do a lot on the trainer during the week, but on the weekends, I like to get out early and try to beat the traffic.  I head out to various FM roads toward Alvin generally.  There are group rides (with triathletes) as well, but I don't do them too often.

2013-10-15 7:05 PM
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Subject: RE: New to Texas
Check out the Space City Cycling group. They are on Facebook, also. They have a great group every Saturday and throughout the week of rides with various skill levels. On Saturday rides, they split the total group into smaller, sub-groups based on speed (you choose which group to go in). I believe groups range from 18mph - 23+ mph.

Fear of riding on the roads, especially in Houston, is normal. Riding with a group is a lot safer and will allow you to network at the same time. Good luck!
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