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Subject: New Bike - Cyclo-X or Hybrid?

I am looking to buy a new bike, as I have been surviving on my (very) old mountain bike for some time now, and need some advice on what type of bike would suit me best.

I want to buy an all-round bike and will typcially look to do the following (once my fitness catches up with the bike!), including:
- Commuting on differing surfaces, my commute will typically take me on ~10 miles of trailway (uneven rough surface, some mud, some gravel, cattle gates/grids, etc) and then ~10 miles of cycle paths and country roads.
- Participating in Triathlons, similar to the above surfaces I would imagine.
- Some light off-road use to visit various areas of the countryside (no down-hilling for me!)

Having researched this on my own I have narrowed my choices down to a Cyclo-X or a Hybrid, but I am unsure which will give me the most benefit/best experience vs budget. Around the £500 mark (with some accessorising) would be ideal, but willing to spend more if it'll be worth it in the long term.

Are you able to offer any advice?



2013-10-09 10:22 AM
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Subject: RE: New Bike - Cyclo-X or Hybrid?
The biggest difference between a CX bike and a hybrid will be handlebar position. There will be an adjustment period going from the flat bars to the drop bars. It might be worth it to look for a bike with dual-position brake levers (in the tops and in the hoods), so you can brake from either position while you adjust to the drop bars.

My hybrid is currently gathering dust, and I've only road it to the store or bank when I didn't want to bother with cycling shoes. Personally, I love my CX bike for hitting anything that isn't smooth pavement - gravel, bike paths, mud - you name it.

The drop bars on the CX bike are also closer to a road bike position; you can probably do pretty well in a road triathlon on a CX bike, especially if you swap to some smoother tires and leave the off road lugs at home.

Also, keep an eye on the accessories - if you plan on commuting, fenders / fender eyelets, panniers, and the like are your friend. My CX bike always leaves me covered in dirt and mud, but that's kinda the point for me.
2013-10-09 11:30 AM
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Tacoma, Washington
Subject: RE: New Bike - Cyclo-X or Hybrid?
I'd also side with the cyclocross bike, or one of the newer category "gravel" bikes. Any of the Kona Jake line, or the Rove, and several others (Niner has an awesome new model). Fits wide tires for the commute/off-pavement riding, and can swap in narrower road tires for the occasional races.
2013-10-09 12:30 PM
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Rural Ontario
Subject: RE: New Bike - Cyclo-X or Hybrid?
I use my CX as a roadbike (I put on 25mm Conti Gatorskins) and often do 100+ km rides on it. Clip on some aerobars and it will be faster and better suited for Triathlon racing than a Hybrid.

Plus its loads of fun to ride on trails, gravel, etc. with CX tires.
2013-10-10 6:46 AM
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Hudson Valley
Subject: RE: New Bike - Cyclo-X or Hybrid?
CX is the best choice. The hybrid class should be phased out because CX bikes can do everything hybrids can. Hybrids are VERY HEAVY and lower quality.
2013-10-10 12:48 PM
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Boise, Idaho
Subject: RE: New Bike - Cyclo-X or Hybrid?
Love my 'cross bike.  If I could only have one bike (Gawd Forbid!), it would be a 'cross bike, hands down.

2013-10-10 5:06 PM
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Cloverdale, BC
Subject: RE: New Bike - Cyclo-X or Hybrid?

I just sold my hybrid two weeks ago and bought a new disc brake cyclocross bike to be used as a winter training bike.  I've been smashing all my old commuting records on with the new bike.  You'll definitely go faster on a cx bike. 

If you are going to be commuting on it, then you might want to spend a little more than £500.  For that price you will probably get a Sora groupset at best.  ( eg. ).  Sora has a lot of plastic parts and it has to go in the shop for adjustments more often.  I'd suggest spending a couple of hundred more and getting Tiagra if its possible. 


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